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In Part One we saw the Owner of a Mexican Sweat Shop

Mr Mendez AKA The Sewing Machine Man

Kill two of His Female Employees.

He Killed them then Stitched their Mouths and Eyes shut

With His trusty Janome Sewing Machine.

But Mr Mendez was arrested by the Police.

After a tip off from His 2IC at the Sweat Shop Alejandro.

But He slipped out of His Handcuffs and disappeared

into the Night.

Now to Part Two.

For the past few Months the Sewing Machine Man has been

hiding out in the Sunny Mexican Countryside.

Waiting for the heat to die down.

He has making a living using His Janome for what it is

designed to do.

Sewing Curtains Tailoring Clothes to fit.

And making Alterations.

But a Sewing Machine is His Weapon of choice.

Whenever Someone crosses Him wrong

He uses His Machine to Sew Their Eyes closed.

So they can no longer See.

Then He Stitches Their Mouths shut.

So they no longer have a Voice.

He is still seething about Alejandro.

He knows that He was the one to call the Cops.

And the Sewing Machine Man was almost thrown

in Jail.

But He escaped from the Police.

And He gave Himself Bail.

But the Sewing Machine Man is out of practice.

He has only Killed twice.

And He really likes the feeling.

And it wants to feel like that again.

So He closes the Door of His Motel Room.

Let the pain begin.

He doesn’t have to walk far.

When He comes across a Hooker plying Her Trade.

So He invites Her up to His Room for a little fun.

When the Hooker goes to the Bathroom to freshen up.

Mr smothers His Handkerchief in Chloroform.

Then He gets ready to pounce.

When the Hooker reappears He quickly drowns Her in His


The Sewing Machine Man is all Business.

He has no time for Hankie Pankie.

His M.O (Modus Operandi) is to Sew His Victims Eyes and

Mouths closed with His Janome.

And then hang them up wrapped in a White Sheet like a

Human Cocoon.

And that is exactly what He does.

Just so the Cops know that He is back in Town.

After showing all of His Sewing and Wrapping skills

He Hangs the Hooker upside down in a Tree.

The Sewing Machine Man is back.

Looking for some thrills.

Alejandro is living at His Parents Place pissing

in His Pants.

The Cops have been around to inform His that Mr Mendez.

has Killed again.

And maybe Alejandro should move Interstate.

And we mean right now.

If You want to stay Alive

Go now before it is too late.

But Alejandro has some misplaced confidence.

He is a better Man then Mr Mendez.

Surely He is safe at His Parents House.

He hasn’t worked at the Sweat Shop in over Six Months.

He is living over 500 Miles from there.

But He will keep an Eye out.

Surely Mr Mendez wouldn’t come here.

He wouldn’t dare.

But Mr Mendez isn’t afraid of Alejandro or the Police.

And He knows exactly how to track Alejandro down.

He just has to break into the Sweat Shop.

And hope that the Password on the Computer hasn’t been


So the next Night He enters the Sweat Shop through an

unlocked Window.

He goes straight to His old Office.

And He is lucky.

The Password on the Computer is unchanged.

He clicks on the Employee Icon.

Then He types in Alejandro Cortez and His next of Kin.

And there in the middle of the Screen for the whole World

to see.

Is His Parents Address.

He is not 100% sure that Alejandro is at His Parents Place.

But it is a good place to start.

So He packs up His Janome and jumps in His Cat.

He only has a Four Hour drive.

Besides His Janome He has also packed a Gun with a Silencer

And a Knife with a Razor sharp Blade.

Alejandro and Mr and Mrs Cortez should now be afraid.

Very afraid.

Using His GPS He locates the House nice and easy.

And He parks right outside.

Carrying His trusty Sewing Machine He knocks on the Front


And in His other Hand He holds the silenced Gun.

Now the Sewing Machine Man can have a little fun.

As soon as the Front Door opens He Shoots Mrs Cortez Dead.

Then with His Knife He slices the Screen Door open.

And He sidles right on in.

Where He is confronted by Mr Cortez.

Without hesitation He Shoots Him in the Chest.

Now to find Alejandro His number one Pest.

Alejandro hearing all of the commotion tries to make

it to the back Door.

But He only gets Three Metres before He is Shot in the


As Alejandro lays on the Floor He is Shot twice more.

And both of His Elbows are shattered.

The Sewing Machine Man walks up to Him.

And He pulls down His Pants.

And with one slice of the Knife.

He cuts off Alejandro’s Cock and Balls.

Alejandro is in agony and disbelief.

And He screams the Paint right off the Walls.

Then He is silenced as His own Dick and Nuts are shoved

down His Throat.

Then He is dragged to the Janome

And Alejandro’s Mouth is stitched closed.

Then just as He goes to stitch Alejandro’s Eyes.

The Cortez Phone starts to Ring.

And He stitches His own Thumb to the Machine.

And just like Alejandro He starts to scream.

Jesus the pain is intense.

He closes His Eyes and yanks Himself Free.

He packs up His Janome.

Then He gets the Fuck out of there.

Already His Thumb has swollen to double its normal

size or more.

He is losing a lot of Blood as He leaves by the Front Door.

But there is worse to come.

Because He used the same Needle to Kill all of His Victims.

It is covered in Bacteria and Germs.

Now the Sewing Machine Man has one nasty Infection

Maybe He should of changed Needles on reflection.

His Thumb is really throbbing.

It is Green and Black and full of Pus.

And because He didn’t apply a Tourniquet

The Infection is travelling up His Arm.

Soon it will enter His Brain.

The Sewing Machine Man is sitting in His Motel Room

He knows that the end is almost here.

He goes to the Bed.

Then with the Gun He shoots Himself in the Head.

There is no one to Mourn Him.

And He is Buried in an unmarked Grave.

And His Janome is Buried with Him.

But now that He is Six Feet Under

He can no longer misbehave.


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