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Later this Year the American People will go to the Polls

Most of the Presidential Candidates are Faceless Multi


Except for Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton.

And maybe Jeb Bush.

Two Members of the Bush Family have already occupied

the White House.

But Jeb lacks that certain something that it takes to become

the President of the United States.

He is pretty much a lame Duck.

So in My opinion there are only Two real Candidates.

And they are Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton.

Hilary Clinton could create History and become the first

Female President.

Hilary is also known for Her lack of style.

She doesn’t seem to wear anything other then different

coloured Pant Suits.

Plus who can forget Her Husband Bill Clinton.

Bill has already sat in the Oval Office.

But the one thing that Bill is famous for is that He couldn’t

keep His Penis in His Pants.

He received the most famous blow job in History.

When Monica Lewinsky got down on Her Knees.

Now we come to Donald Trump.

The Man with the crazy Hairstyle.

The Donald Inherited a Fortune from His Father.

And He has turned that Fortune into Billions of Dollars.

Mainly from Investing in Real Estate.

And shrewd Business Dealing.

Now the Donald wants to use His Money to become the


He wants to be the Big Dog the Top Cat.

And sit in the High Chair.

Will the American People Vote Him in ?

Or will they have more sense?

Over the Years some unlikely People have become President.

In the early 1970’s Richard Nixon sat in the Big Chair.

With the Face like a Bulldog

And the Personality of a Grub.

He was an easy Person to hate.

He thought that He could Lie cheat and steal from the American


But the Gluttony and Greed got the better of Him.

He wasn’t unable to tell the truth from the lies

So Richard Nixon became the first President to Resign from Office.

He was brought down by the Watergate scandal.

Ronald Reagan was another unlikely President.

A B grade Actor back in the 30’s.

He knew how to talk to the Public.

And get His message across.

Just like He was reading from a Script

He came across as a Man in Charge.

He also started the Star Wars Program

And He brought an end to the Cold War.

So from an outsider looking in.

I thought He did a very good Job.

The Incumbent Barack Obama.

Is the first Black President of the United States.

With all of Todays Technology like Facebook and Twitter.

He has been a very in your Face President.

But is You are a Public Figure you are open for criticism

He couldn’t get any Bills past Congress.

He always seems to have His Hands tied behind His Back.

Especially on the issue of Gun control.

He is the President.

But He doesn’t seem to have any Power.

But overall I think that He has done an OK Job.

So who will the American People Vote for?

Hilary Clinton.

Is obviously a very smart Woman.

She has been a Public figure for a very long time.

And She is also a very good Public Speaker

Who knows what She is talking about.

But will Her Husbands past antics be an Albatross around

Her Neck.

Or will the Voters see past all that?

And treat Her as Her own Person?

Now to Donald Trump.

The Donald is obviously very Smart.

And He has been a successful Businessman for Decades.

He wants to use His Money to buy His way into the White House.

But every time that Trump opens His Mouth.

His Foot jumps right on in.

He always says the wrong thing.

And some of His views are right out there.

Is Trump the right Person to become the  next President?

Or are His views to extreme?

So who will it be?

Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump?

Or will an Outsider Trump them all (pun intended )

I just hope that when the American People Vote

Surely they will use Their common sense

And They want use Their Trump card.


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