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It is My young Daughters first Day at Kindergarten.

She is Five Years old and a happy little Girl.

But I am nervous as I wait for Her at the Bus Stop.

I hope that Cindy has had a good Day.

But She can be a little shy.

When the Bus comes to the Stop.

Cindy runs to Me with a Smile on Her Face.

‘Daddy School was so much fun”

‘And I made a special Friend’

That is when I notice the Rag Doll in Her Hand

It is a Ratty little thing.

About Ten Inches tall.

Made from Grey Wool and Cotton.

When I ask Cindy where did the Rag Doll come from.

She just shrugs Her Shoulders and says’I found it in

the Rubbish Bin.

Jesus I can imagine the Germs that ugly little thing is


When We get Home it is going straight into the Washing


As We walk Home Cindy tells Me that the Dolls Name is


And She is the very best Friend in the World.

As We go inside I tell Cindy that Ragamuffin needs a wash.

So I grab that ugly Ball of Wool.

And that Rag Doll bites Me on the Finger.

I jump back in surprise.

Surely it was just My imagination?

And Cindy yells ‘Daddy stop playing with Ragamuffin’

‘She is Mine not Yours’

That Rag is laying on the Floor

Where I threw it.

And it is looking up at Me.

I am careful as I pick it up.

I go to the Laundry and toss it into the Machine.

Hopefully as the Washer goes through its Cycles

That ugly little Rag Doll will Drown.

When the Machine comes to a stop

I have a look inside.

And Ragamuffin looks like a Drowned Rat.

So I carefully pick it up again

And carry it out to the Clothes Line.

After I peg that thing out to Dry.

I start to walk away when I hear a Voice ‘I am going

to get You for that Motherfucker’

Am I hearing Voices?

I am sure that Ragamuffin just talked to Me.

I go back inside hoping that that little lump of Wool

will Bake in the Sun.

But then I change My Mind.

So I go back outside to the Clothes Line.

Grab Ragamuffin then walk over to the Wizz Bin

And I drop it in.

I feel sad for Cindy.

She has really grown attached to that Evil Doll

But I cant have My little Girl playing with a foul

Mouthed piece of Wool and Cotton.

I know that I have done the right thing

But I still feel rotten.

I go back inside to tell Cindy that Ragamuffin didn’t

survive the Wash.

And that She will need to find a new Best Friend.

I try to look Sad as I go to Cindy’s Room.

I knock on Her Door to deliver the Bad News.

And when I walk in.

There is Cindy playing with Ragamuffin.

What in the fuck.

How did Ragamuffin end up in Cindy’s Room?

I ask Her is everything alright?

Of course Daddy Ragamuffin and I are just playing

with My Tea Set”

‘We are the Best of Friends and We will be together forever”

But I know that this is One Friendship that I will have to sever.

Ragamuffin looks at Me with a smug look on its Face.

Like it is daring Me to make a scene.

It has no Mouth so has is it communicating?

Maybe it has locked onto another foul mouthed Doll named


God give Me strength

I should be so lucky.

It is getting late.

And Cindy has fallen asleep on the Lounge.

Tomorrow is another School Day.

No way can I allow that evil lump of Wool to mix with a Bunch

of School Kids.

It would be a Bloody slaughter.

So Ragamuffin will have to disappear

If I am to save My Daughter.

So I carry Cindy off to Bed.

And I leave Ragamuffin laying on the Lounge Room Floor.

After I have read Cindy a Bedtime Story.

I tuck Her in for the Night.

And when I return to the Lounge Room

I get an awful fright.

Ragamuffin has done a runner.

A dangerous Rag Doll is now on the loose.

I look everywhere for that Woollen Ball of menace.

But it has escaped from My household.

I shiver.

But not from the Cold.

I am confident that Ragamuffin is no longer in the House.

So after I check in with Cindy.

I go off to Bed.

But I still have Goosebumps.

I know that I want be getting much Sleep.

Or maybe with One Eye open.

But then I start counting Sheep.

I must be having a Bad Dream.

I am struggling to Breathe.

It feels like My Mouth is full of Wool.

Then I hear a whisper.

‘Die Motherfucker Die”

Then I realise that Ragamuffin is laying on My Mouth

and Nose.

I am being smothered by a Rag Doll.

I start to fight back.

And I land some heavy blows.

But Ragamuffin is hanging on for grim Death.

Then I get a bit of a grip.

And a piece of Wool comes loose.

So I pull and pull and Ragamuffin begins to unravel.

And before long a pile of Wool is laying on the Floor.

So I scoop it all up.

And I carry that Evil Wool out to My Backyard.

Then I go to the Garden Shed.

And I grab Myself a Spade.

Then I dig a hole three feet deep.

And for that ugly evil pile of Wool.

It is tailor made.

In the Morning Cindy rushes out of Her Bedroom.

She cant find Ragamuffin anywhere.

I tell Her that maybe Ragamuffin is hiding under Her Bed.

Or is already waiting for Her on the School Bus.

So She better hurry and get ready for School.

I don’t dare tell Her the truth.

Or Her little Heart might crush.

I walk Cindy to the Bus Stop.

She is still fretting over Ragamuffin.

I Kiss Her Goodbye.

And She climbs on board the Bus.

Then I hear a squeal.

A squeal of delight.

And as the School Bus pulls away.

I see Cindy running towards the back of the Bus.

She stands at the rear Window smiling and waving

at Me.

Then She holds up something.

And I cant believe My Eyes.

It is that ugly evil lump of Wool


Giving Me a wicked grin.

OK Ragamuffin so You want a fight?

You might of won round one

But bring on round two.

Part Two coming soon.

Rag Doll ( Back from the Grave)


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