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‘Are We there yet?

Simone Jackson sighs.

She knows that the Kids are restless.

Stuck in the Backseat of a Car for Hours cant be easy on

a Child

‘Are We there yet?

This the one question that has driven Parents crazy

since Families first started going on Road Trips.

Simone is Driving from Port Headland in South Australia.

To Kalgoorlie in Western Australia to visit Her Parents.

And Her two Kids Kyle and Biannca are in the Backseat

driving H Crazy.

Maybe They can play a Game to keep themselves occupied?

Something like I Spy or count the Cars?

But it is hard to count the Cars in the Outback when you might

only see two every Hour.

So they decide to play I Spy.

Kyle says ‘I Spy with my little Eye something beginning with R’

And straightaway Biannca guesses Road

Which gets right up Kyles Nose.

But then again maybe they shouldn’t be playing Games.

There is something sinister out there.

And it isn’t a Cane Toad.

Simone sits up and starts to pay attention.

There is a strange Buzzing sound.

Like their Car is surrounded by a Million Bees.

Then the Car stalls in the middle of the Road.

The Engine has completely Died.

The Electrics are Fried.

Simone is frantic.

She and the Kids are out in the middle of nowhere.

Stuck in a Car that wont start.

The Buzzing sound is getting louder.

And the Kids are screaming.

Then a bright light engulfs the Car.

Simone is so engrossed in helping Her Children.

That She doesn’t notice the little Green Spores that have

entered the Car through the Vents.

But then the whole interior is filled with Spores.

The World has turned Green.

But at least the Buzzing sound and the bright lights have


The Green Spores are multiplying at an alarming rate.

It looks like a Mould Bacteria or maybe it is a Fungus?

And it is also an Oxygen Thief.

So the Jackson Family has no Air to Breathe.

So with gasps and Faces turning Blue then Purple.

Simone Kyle and Biannca Hug and hold Hands.

And then They Die.

Then the Fungus Feeds.

And the Jackson Family is now nothing more then Dust.

And still the Fungus is multiplying.

If You looked at the Car You would think a Giant Green

Balloon was inflating.

It expands and expands

The pressure is building.

Then with a bang the Car explodes.

What will happen next?

Billions of Fungal Spores are released into the Atmosphere.

And they are blown in all directions.

North South East and West.

No Continent will escape  the Fungal wrath.

Can anything stop the Earths destruction?

A Trucker heading East on the Nullabor Plain is covered in Spores

And as He Drives towards Sydney some Spores jump ship in every

Town and City on the way.

For the Citizens of Australia there is going to be Hell to pay.

A Plane Flying overhead is similarly over run by the Fungus.

But this Fungus is very smart.

It lays low in the Cargo Bay.

And as soon as the Plane reaches its destination Japan.

The deadly Spores will ejaculate all over the Island.

Overhead a Space Ship is hovering unseen.

Watching as its Fungus Kills then Consumes the Human


Then with a Flash it is gone.

In London England Big Ben is Silent

For the first time in a few Hundred Years.

The Tower of London Buckingham Palace the Circle and the City

Centre Have all turned a nasty shade of Green.

People are hiding in old World War 11 Air Raid Shelters.

But that is little or no defence.

The Fungus just seeps through the Walls.

Turning the Space into an Airless Vacuum.

Then it feeds and multiplies.

In Europe nothing can stop the Green menace.

France Germany Austria and Belgium are the first Countries


And still the Fungus marches on.

Gas Pipes are ruptured Power Lines come down.

And then Europe begins to burn.

The smell of the decay and rot is enough to make Your Stomach


The United Nations and the World health Organisation don’t know

what to do.

All they can do is sit and watch as the Earth is consumed with the

Green Fungus.

They race against time to find a way to slow the Fungus down.

To give them a chance to find a Solution.

In the United States.

The Country is being swamped by the Fungus.

Only a few of the Northern States remain Fungus free.

And one of those States is Maine.

In the small Town of Hullsville.

The Residents know that sooner or later the Fungus will reach

their Town.

So the Locals are desperately trying to find a Place to Hide.

And the only Place they can think of is the Coca Cola Plant.

They all huddle together in the Cool Room.

Surrounded by Crates of Coke.

The Thermostat has been turned down so it isn’t that cold.

All they can do is sit and wait.

And hopefully the Fungus will past them by.

But no such luck.

The Fungus comes under the Door.

And it seeps straight through the Walls.

The People just sit there with their Mouths open.

They are all too stunned to move.

But one of them is drinking a can of Coke.

And with nothing to lose.

He gives the Can a shake.

And He gives the Fungus a spray.

And what do You know?

The Fungus Pops and sizzles and then evaporates.

The Cool Room is now Fungus Free.

The Guy who sprayed the Coke Jeffrey Latimore.

Is immediately on the Phone to the Local Sheriff

Who relays the Message to the Govenor of Maine

Who cant believe what He is Hearing?

The Fungus has been defeated by a Can of Coca Cola?

He in turn Calls President Obama with the Good News.

Then the Chain of Command gets to work.

Truckloads of Coca Cola is trucked to Airports all around the Country

And Bombers saturate the Nation with Ice Cold Coke.

And lo and behold.

The Fungus is obliterated.

The President of the UN has been watching developments

And once the results are in.

Countries all around the World start to deploy their Air Defences.

Over the Next Month the Fungus is totally wiped out.

The Earth is now Fungus free.

All because of the humble Can of Coke.

All up it is estimated that over Four Billion Humans lost their Lives.

Will the Human Being Species become Extinct?

Meanwhile deep in a Cave in Northern Mexico

A single Fungal Spore has escaped the Coca Cola deluge.

It just sits there waiting for the right conditions.

The right time.

Waiting Waiting

Watch out for part Two

Fungus From Outer Space

‘Snot what it seems’

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