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The Year is 1736 and in the Harbour of Charleston South


A dark Cargo Ship has just Docked for the Night.

Sometimes this Ship is laden with Livestock Spices or Gold.

But this time a different Cargo is filling up the Holds.

Deep down in the Bilges One Thousand African Negros are

Breathing the Foul Air.

Laying in their own Excretment feeling Sad and miserable.

They all know that they have reached the end of the Voyage.

Will they ever see their Homeland again?

They are Blinded as they see the Sun for the first time in Three


They are still trying to focus their Eyes.

When they are ordered to strip Naked.

Then they are all hosed down to clean their Bodies of the filth.

But finally they are free from the foul smelling Pit.

But free they are not.

They are all Shackled in heavy Chains.

And led at Gunpoint to the Town Square.

Where they are paraded ready for Inspection.

Unfortunately Twenty Five of their Countrymen didn’t survive

the voyage.

They all lay Dead in the stinking Bilge Water.

Some of them have been partly Eaten by large Brown Rats.

And Moth eaten Feral Cats.

In the Town Square the Buyers and the Gawkers are all having fun.

You would think they were at a Circus.

The Negros are all shivering Naked in the Cold.

They don’t understand what is happening.

They don’t know how to behave.

And that is when they first Hear the Word SLAVE.

All of the Slaves are aged between Fifteen and Thirty Five.

The perfect age for a Life of Slavery.

They are huddled in Confusion in the Holding Pens.

Then one by one they are all Inspected.

The Females have their Mouths checked for Bad Teeth and


Their Breasts are caressed and tweaked.

While their Vaginas are Digitally violated.

The Males also have their Mouths checked for Ulcers and such.

Their Bodies are checked for any flaws and defects.

Then they are bent over and their Buttocks are spread.

Then in the final humiliation.

Their Foreskins are pulled back looking for any signs of Disease.

One of the last to be Inspected was a young 18 year old Male

He cried out in pain when the Buyer touched His Ribs.

Going by all of the Bruises a few of them are broken.

And a Slave who cant work is no good for Anybody.

So He is led away and quickly dispatched with a Bullet to the


He lays in the Mud twitching as His Life Bloods goes down

the Drain.

All of the Sold Slaves are now back in the Holding Pens.

Not knowing their Fate.

They are all given a Hessian Sack to hide their Nakedness.

Now all they can do is wait.

Then the Buyers arrive to pick up their new Possessions.

A Human Being is now owned by another Human Being.

The Buyers park their Horse and Wagons.

And they take away their Prize.

The Slaves will never again see another Sunrise.

One of these Slaves is a Twenty Two Year Old Kenyan.

And She is scared out of Her wits.

Since arriving at this strange Place She hasn’t understood

a Word.

In Kenya the Language spoken is French.

But here they speak English.

And by the way Her Name is Eloise.

Her Buyer can see She doesn’t  understand.

So in French He explains the situation ‘you are now owned

by the Master of the Cotton Field Plantation’

‘You must obey every Order that You are given’

If You don’t You will be severely punished’

‘My Name is Mr Goulding the Foreman of the Plantation’

‘You do everything that I tell You to do’

‘Are there any questions?’

How can She be Owned by Anybody?

Then She looked down at the Shackles and the Hessian Sack

And She hangs Her Head and starts to Cry.

If She could She would gladly lay down and Die.

Another of the Slaves is a Bull of a Man Named Ugondo.

He is Shackled to the Wagon so He cant escape.

A Native of South Africa He can Speak English perfectly.

So He understands His predicament.

He is now Owned by the Master of the Tobacco & Cotton


Located deep in the South of the North American Nation.

Eloise arrives at Her new ‘Home’ after a Four Hour Ride.

When the Wagon enters the Plantation She cant believe Her Eyes.

The Cotton Fields seem to go on forever.

She is taken to the Kitchen where She is given a Meal of Grits.

Then She is given Her Slave Uniform.

Some tattered old Overalls.

Then She is put straight to Work picking Cotton.

Her Life is now at rock bottom.

At about the same time Ugondo arrives at His Destination.

He has been yelling and cursing the whole way.

His Buyer Parks the Wagon near the Main House.

And He rushes inside.

Ugondo is still Shackled to the Wagon so He cant Run or hide.

The Master of the House strolls out.

And He Orders that Ugondp be tied to a Fence.

And the Hessian Sack is pulled all the way down.

He is now completely Naked fully exposed for His Punishment.

The Buyer stands behind Ugondo with a Whip in His Hand.

And with a Nod from the Master it brings it down.

It strikes Ungondo with a God awful sound.

A Red Stripe of  Blood opens up across His Back.

Then the Whip strikes Nine more times.

And Ugondos Back and Buttocks are opened with deep Welts.

When the Punishment is over Everybody except the Master

walk away.

He leans down and whispers in Ugondos Ear’You might think

that You are big and tough’

‘But I am bigger and tougher and I will have You Whipped

everyday if I have to’

‘You will be brought down to size’

Then He Spits on Ugondos Face and walks away.

Ugondo looks at the retreating Back and says to Himself

‘One Day Motherfucker I will make You pay.

Eloise has been picking Cotton by Hand for Six Hours without a Break.

She can no longer feel Her numb bleeding Fingers.

She would do anything for a Mouthful of Water.

And just a little Resr.

She can no longer stand so She falls to the Ground.

Mr Goulding the Foreman is on to Her in one Bound.

All Eloise can say is Watwe Water over and over again.

So Goulding goes to the Water Bucket and fills a Ladle.

And Eloise takes a very long Drink.

But a rip in Her Overalls has exposed Her Breasts  to

Gouldings lustful Eye.

Eloise is dragged behind the Tool Shed where She is brutally


Then She is given another Ladle of Water.

And told to get back to work.

Eloise is so traumatised She can no longer Talk.

Back at the Tobacco & Cotton Plantation Ugondo is still

tied to the Fence.

He is delirious with the Pain.

Then He Hears Someone coming up behind Him.

And He flinches with anticipation.

But He feels a gentle Hand on His Shoulder.

Then His Back and Buttocks are Disinfected.

And a fresh set of Clothes are placed nearby.

Then He is told to wait for the Master.

Meanwhile Eloise is still Mute.

It has been a Week now and She hasn’t uttered a single


Everyday She picks Cotton from Dawn to Well past Dusk.

Where She is repeatedly Raped by the Foreman.

But Today Eloise will get Her Revenge.

And right on Cue

At Ten o’clock She is dragged behind the Tool Shed.

And She is Stripped down.

Mr Goulding opens His Trousers and His erect Penis juts out.

Eloise is forced onto Her Knees.

And She is soon gagging on that Cock.

For about Ten Minutes Eloise bobs up and down.

Waiting for the right time to get payback.

Then She senses that Goulding is almost there.

As He is about to explode Eloise swallows the Penis

Until the whole length is in Her Mouth.

Then She bites down hard and shakes Her Head from side to side.

Her Mouth is filling with Blood.

But She keeps on biting and shaking Her Head.

Then that Penis is removed from Gouldings Groin.

And Spat onto the Ground.

Goulding is Mewing then He starts to Howl like a Wolf.

He covers the Wound with His Hands.

But His Blood is pouring through His Fingers.

Nothing but Death will stop that Flow.

And that is exactly what happens.

His Eyes Glaze over and Goulding falls to the Ground


A Farm Dog Sniffs that detached piece of Meat.

Then it is Swallowed on down.

Goulding is Dead.

He will no longer bother any of the Female Slaves.

Ugondo has been kept waiting for over Three Hours.

Then the Master finally appears.

Ugondo is told to Bow His Head and look to the Dirt.

His Master tells Him that everytime He doesn’t obey a Command

He will be Flogged.

Every time He makes Eye contact with a White Man.

He will be Flogged.

Ugondo still has His Head  Bowed.

But His Eyes are burning with Hatred.

The Master will Die when the Time is right.

He will go along with this Master Shit until He can find a way

to escape.

Escape from this living Hell.

What will happen next?

Well You never can tell.

Part Two is on its way

You will just have to hold Your Breath

If You can.

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