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Part One saw Cletus Flagg a Southern Drug Dealer

Kill Anyone who stumbled across His Operation

deep  in the everglades.

He used a Gun or a Knife.

He even used the local Alligators to achieve a Kill.


But sometime Enemies lie within.

When Cletus’s Son  was Killed tasting His Fathers Product

His Wife Molly Mae gets Her Revenge.

When She and Cletus went for a Walk

She gives Cletus a little nudge.

Who falls into the Alligator full Swamp.

And He is ripped to shreds.


So the Wife is now a Widow.

Courtesy of a Gator

And a gentle little nudge.


Part Two

‘Meth and Moonshine’

It is now Three Months since Molly Mae Killed Her

Drug Dealing Husband.

With some help  from the Local Gators.

She still Cries Herself to Sleep thinking about Her

Dead Son Billy Bob

Who Died at the Hands of the Crystal Meth.

The Drug led Him down the wrong Path.

And He went to His Death.


Since Billy Bobs Death Molly Mae has ben Sleeping

in His Bed.

She can still Smell His Smell even after all of this Time

And like She has done these last Three Months.

Molly Mae look over to Billy Bobs Bedroom Dresser

Sitting on top is His Meth Smoking Device.


She picks it up.

Maybe just a little taste.

Then Sail off into unchartered Waters

Just a little taste.

For all of the Dead Sons and Daughters.


But Molly Mae has other Plans

And She puts the Pipe back down

Then She leaves Billy Bobs Room

And She never goes Back.

She is a Woman with a Mission

With a Heart full of Black.


First She goes to the Cooler

And grabs a Jar of Moonshine.

Then sitting on the Front Porch She takes a big Gulp

Molly Mae knows that She is a Redneck

She was Born and raised on the Swamp

Eating Possums Snakes and Grits

And She can even Play the Banjo.


But Molly Mae doesn’t want to be Typecast

She wants to leave an Impression on this Earth

To do that She will have to from the Swamps

The Place of Her Birth.


As She sits on the Porch she takes in Her surroundings

The Mansion She Lives in

All of Her Clothes  and Her Hundred Pair of Shoes

Plus the Three BMW ‘s in the Garage

They were all bought with dirty Money.


So at that very moment Molly Mae changes Her Mind

She will leave an impression on this Earth

But She will do it right here in the Place of Her Birth.


In the following Months Molly Mae makes some big

changes in Her Life.

She Sold the Mansion for a Seven figure sum

The Three Beamers are also gone

Most of Her Clothes and Shoes have been donated to Charity


Molly Mae now lives in a Small Two Bedroom Shack.

She used to live a Life of Dirty luxury

Now She knows it is Time to give something back.


Molly Mae is a Redneck a proud Southern Gal

There is nothing wrong with Drinking a Jar of Moonshine

every now and then.

But the menace of the Crystal Meth is getting way out of


It is decimating the Southern Population.

So Molly Mae has set up a Drug Rehabilitation Foundation.


Molly Mae is now doing some good.

Free of charge Meth Addicts now have a safe Haven

Somewhere to go to become Drug Free.

All it takes is a whole lot of Love.

And a lot of Willpower.

So get  Your Body and Soul Drug Free

Before Your Life turns completely Sour.


Molly Mae oversees the Day to Day running of the


All She wants is for Alabama to become a Crystal Meth

Free State.


And to do that She becomes a Vigilante

Like Bat Girl or Spider Woman She goes from Meth House to

Meth House.

And She burns them to the Ground.

Like a Phantom in the Night.

Molly Mae is Fighting the good fight.


But Molly Mae isn’t Stupid.

She knows that it wont be easy.

Crystal has already taken a heavy Toll.

All She can do is help Cure One Addict at a Time.

So They can live a Drug free existence.

All it takes is a Box of Matches

And a lot of Persistence


Five Years later

And Molly Mae’s Foundation is now located in Ten

Southern States.


Crystal Meth is still a huge problem in the United States.

And a problem the World wide.


So before You pick up a Meth Pipe.

Have a little think.

Before You throw Your Life away

Along with the Kitchen Sink.


The End.

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