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For My Foreign Readers.

A  Plover is a Ground Nesting Australian  Native Bird.

Bert and Maggie Plover have shared the same Nest.

For going on Eight Years now.

And every Year another Chick is Born.

Bert and Maggie do their best to Fledge Chick

In the best way that they could.

Those Chicks were the best raised Chicks

In the whole Plover Neighbourhood.

Bert and Maggie first met on the edge of the local Lake.

Where all the Plover Socialised.

At first they didn’t notice each other.

But when their Eyes met.

Their Hearts started to beat as One.

Their Feathers touched and interlocked.

It was Plove at first sight.

They looked at each other all starry Eyed.

And Romanced deep into the Night.

Plovers Nest on the Ground.

So they are always on the look out.

An Attack can come from anywhere.

Cats and Foxes are a constant menace.

Plover Eggs are a good source of Protein

If an Attacker gets to close.

Bert and Maggie will fake an Injury

To lure them away from the next of Kin.

Bert and Maggie try their best.

But sometimes You lose and sometimes You win.

A Broken Shell on the Ground can mean the lose of

a whole Generation.

So the luring away skills have to be top notch.

And Eight Years is Old in Dog Years.

And also in Plover Years.

Bert is getting Old and slow.

He really could use a Walker.

While Maggie is Younger and growing Impatient.

She is a bit of an acid Tongue Squawker.

Maggie suggests that they start to nest someplace safer.

Maybe up in a Tree?

But Bert is an Old Traditionalist.

He wants to keep Nesting on the Ground.

Where Plovers have Nested for Millions of Years.

But Maggie is persistent and insistent

They should Nest up Above.

Bert mutters under His Breath ‘We are Plovers not Doves’

But of course being Female Maggie gets Her way.

And they Nest way up in a Tree

But with no experience at Tree Nest building

The Eggs fall to the Ground Broken and Unfertilised.

Will Maggie keep up with the stupid suggestions

Or will She be wise?

They are supposed to be in this Union together

But Maggie has Bert by the Balls

And She isn’t letting go.

The Second Bert has a thought of His own

Maggie reaches into His Brain and rips it out

She is the Boss in the Relationship.

Of this there is no doubt.

Well Bert is Nobodies Patsy.

And even though Plovers are supposed to Mate for Life.

He finds Himself staying away from the Nest.

Which by the way is back on the Ground.

Where it should be.

Bert starts to go on long Solo Flights

Enjoying the Peace and quiet.

He is looking for something

But He is not sure what

But He will know when He finds it.

Course Life with Maggie at the moment

Is just a Bottomless Pit.

On One of His solo Flights

A Female Plovers Call catches His Ear

And even though He knows He should keep Flying

Bert starts looking for a Place to Land

He is tired of Flying Solo.

So He skids to a stop in the Sand.

The young Female Plover is Prancing around shaking Her

Tail Feathers

She has finally got Berts Attention

But when Bert gets closer

The Young Plover does a double Take

What She thought was a Young Dude.

Is nothing but an old feather duster

She just turns Her Back and says’ On Your Bike Buster’

Well Bert’s Ego has taken a hit

He knows that He isn’t a Young Plover anymore

But He isn’t an Old Boiler either

All He wants is a little Plove and understanding

Some Tenderness and a Shoulder to Cry on

Bert Flies away Singing a Sad lonely Song

Bert just Flies around and around.

He doesn’t know where to go.

But then He starts to think about Maggie

Remembering when They were Courting

Where Their Feathers would rub together

And their Beaks would touch

Bert starts to Cry.

It is all becoming too much

While Bert was reminiscing

Without knowing it

He is Flying closer and closer to Home

He Lands not knowing where He is

Amongst the Reeds He Sits and ponders

Where can He go Who can He turn to?

Bert doesn’t know if He Dreaming or not

But He can Hear Maggie’s Voice

Bert just stands there listening to the Words

From His Dearest Maggie.

The Prettiest of all the Birds.

‘Bert please come back I miss You with all of My Heart’

‘I cant bear it when We are not together’

‘I know I can be a bit overbearing and Bossy’

‘But I promise to be more understanding’

‘Instead of talking I will start to Listen’

‘Please come Home My One True Plove My One true Love’

‘You are My One and only Plover My One and only Lover’

Bert looks up and He can See Maggie sitting on the Nest

Only Twenty Feet away.

Bert wipes His Eyes and Walks towards Her.

And this time He is here to Stay.

The End.

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