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In Part One The Story started in a Sleepy little Town in

Country Victoria Australia.

That Town is Named Talbot.

At the Local Public School the Teacher Mrs Foster gave the

Kids a Special Project.

Build a Scarecrow to protect Their Parents Farms Vineyards

and Houses.

So the 28 Kids in the Class.

Built 28 Scarecrows.

Then took them Home.

A few Weeks later Talbot was hit by the Storm of the Century

And in a One in a Million chance.

Al of the 28 Scarecrows was hit by Lightning at precisely the same


All of the 28 Scarecrows were Charged and Kick Started to Life.

The Water Level kept on rising till it touched the 28 Scarecrows Toes.

The 28 Scarecrows broke Their Bindings.

Dropped into the Water and went on a Rampage.

They targeted the 28 Houses where They had been Perched.

The 28 Scarecrows broke into the 28 Houses and Devoured the 28 Kids

Their Parents and Siblings

No trace of these People was ever Found.

Only those 28 Houses were targeted

The rest of the Town was spared.

But not for long.

The 28 Scarecrows have Eaten Their Entrée.

Now They are ready for the Main Course.

The 28 Scarecrows look to the Sky

And Howl at the Moon.

Then They go Hunting

Part Two.

Talbot is lit up like a Christmas Tree

Every Person in Town is Awake.

The Howling and the Screaming would wake the Dead.

Nobody knows what is happening.

But there is something in the Air.

An eerie silence fills the Night.

The Rain has finally stopped falling.

And the Water level has subsided.

But Nobody goes Outside to check for any Water damage.

They all seem to know that Something is out there.

Even though Scarecrows are usually solitary Creatures

Now all of the 28 Scarecrows have gathered up in the Hills

above Talbot.

Waiting for the Heat to Die down.

And for their Stomachs to settle.

A few of the Locals have finally gone Outside with Torches

Checking for Water Damage and shifted Foundations

But They soon go back Inside.

Then One by One all of the Lights in Talbot are Extinguished

And the Town falls into Darkness.

Perfect conditions for a Slaughter.

Up in the Hills the 28 Scarecrows are getting restless

They have the taste for Blood.

And They want a whole lot more.

Then the Number One Scarecrow stands up

His Name is Mawkin.

He is built like a Brick Outhouse

And Smells like one too.

His Teeth all 28 of them.

Are Razor sharp and Three Inches long.

While His Fingernails have grown into Claws.

Perfect for ripping and shredding.

The other 27 Scarecrows look at Mawkin like He is a Norse God

They hang onto His every Word.

All except for Mommet who is jealous of Mawkins status

And is itching for a Showdown.

Mawkin is aware of Mommets Jealousy

So He will need to be on His guard.

He will do what the old adage says’Keep Your Friends close

and Your Enemies closer’

But right now He is Hungary.

He craves some Human Flesh.

So He tells Mommet and a loyal Scarecrow Named Hylan

To get ready to depart.

It is hunting time.

The other 25 Scarecrows are told to where They are

And that fresh Meat will be brought to Them henceforth.

They all nod Their Heads.

But They are starving.

But They wouldn’t dare cross Mawkin.

He is a known Cannibal.

And He wouldn’t hesitate to eat one of His own Kind.

Plus Scarecrows need to Eat every Three Hours or so

If They don’t They will start to demotabilize

They will no longer be Alive.

They will return to being an ordinary Scarecrow.

Mawkin Mommet and Hylan.

Have made Their way into Town.

And approach a House with a White Picket Fence.

They storm inside and surprise Their Victims in Bed.

The Father of the House os taken into the Living Room

Where with one slice from Mawkins Fingernail Claws

He is Disembowelled

He tries to hold His Guts in place

But they are heavy and slippery.

His Eyes glaze over and He Dies.

Mawkin grabs one of the Intestinal Tubes.

Rips it open and holds it up to His Mouth.

And He squeezes the contents out

Just like a Tube of Toothpaste.

Tastes just like Chicken.

Mommet has opened up the Wives Skull

And is scooping out the Brain.

But He needs to Eat something more substantial

Not just the choice bits.

So He Bites into Her Chest and rips Her apart.

In another Bedroom Hylan has quickly dispatched the

Three Children.

And He starts to Feed.

The Three of Them just Eat and Eat Eat.

Up in the Hills the other 25 Scarecrows are getting restless

They have caught and Eaten a few Feral Cats and Foxes.

And the odd Bird or Two.

But it isn’t enough to keep 25 Scarecrows sustained.

But then they hear Mawkin Mommet and Hylan approach

They all gather around then Mawkin Mommet and Hylan

drop their Pants and open their Mouths.

Then They Shit a liquid Brown and regurgitate the Human Flesh

The 25 Scarecrows dive onto the Morsels and swallow without chewing.

Mawkin is watching and waiting until all 25 Mouths are to the Ground


Then He signals to Mommet and Hylan.

And the Three of Them Decapitate each Scarecrow with a single Bite

to the Neck

The 25 Scarecrows lie there Dead.

Then They quickly turn into 25 lumps of Wood.

Mawkin is satisfied.

Those 25 Scarecrows can no longer be a Threat to His Rule.

He is Mawkin King of all the Scarecrows.

Now all He has to worry about is Mommet.

Hylan is no threat.

And to Kill Mommet Mawkin has to pierce His Chest.

And Eat His Heart while it is still Beating.

While Mawkin has been thinking about Mommet

Hylan has caught a Scent on the Wind

And He goes back into Town.

He enters a House on Second Street

And sneaks into a Back Bedroom.

Where a Seventeen Year Old Virgin is asleep in Her Bed.

She has no idea of the Mayhem that has occurred in Talbot.

Hylan can Smell the Girls Sex.

And He feels a swelling in His Groin.

The Girl is awoken when Hylan enters Her.

She is caught completely unawares.

Hylan empties His Scarecrow Seed deep inside Her.

Then He disappears into the Night.

Mawkin is in luck.

Mommet has raided the Fridge and has drank a six pack

of Beer.

He can offer little resistance as Mommet Claws open His Chest.

Pulls apart the Ribcage.

Then He grabs the still beating Heart.

And Swallows it down in Two Bites.

Mommet is now nothing more than a pile of Sawdust.

Mawkin is still Chewing the last Morsel.

When He senses movement behind Him.

Then He feels a piercing pain in His Back.

Part three coming soon.


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