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In Part One  a Spaceship bombarded Australia with

Green Fungus.

And it quickly spread Worldwide.

Over 5 Billion Humans were Killed Outright.

Then by chance Employees at a Coca Cola Bottling Factory

in Maine USA.

While under attack by the Killer Fungus.

With nothing else at hand.

Sprayed the Fungus with Coca Cola.

And the Fungus sizzled and evaporated.

So the humble Can of Coke saved the World?

The Earth is now Fungus Free.

Well not quite.

Deep in a Cave in Northern Mexico

One tiny Fungal Spore lays in wait.

It can wait for a Million Years if it has to.

Part Two Five Years Later

The World is slowly returning back to normal.

The Green Fungus from Outer Space is just a bad Memory

Human Beings are once Breeding at an alarming rate.

People just go about their business without a care in the


In Northern Mexico a group of American Tourists  are Cave Diving

Even though they are all wearing Miners Lamps.

The light barely penetrates the thick Blackness.

So they don’t notice a tiny Green Fungal Spore springboard

into Tommy Bolin’s Left Nostril.

In the Five Years that it has been waiting

The Green Fungal Spore has Mutated.

It has built up a resistance to Coca Cola.

The fizzy Cola Drink can no longer affect it.

Since it has been Living in the Cave.

It has survived on Bat Nasal Mucus.

And it is now nestled in Tommy’s Nostril.

It begins to Feed on the plentiful supply of Human Snot.

As it Eats it divides and multiplies

What was One is now Sixteen.

And just like little Green Fleas

The Fungus jumps into the Nostrils of the other Three Cave


So Glenn Hughes Jon Lord and David Cooper are all now affected

by that Snot Eating Fungus.

As the Green Fungus Multiplies it sends out a strong signal.

That is picked up Alien Beings on Planet X.

Once all of the remaining Humans are totally Eradicated.

An empty Planet will be sitting there waiting for new Tenants

to move in.

When the Cave Divers reach the Surface they cant stop Sneezing

And with every Sneeze thousands of Fungal Spores are released

into the Atmosphere.

At their Motel Rooms they Sneeze.

On the Plane Home they Sneeze.

At the Airport when they land they Sneeze

When they arrive Home in Kansas they Sneeze

All up they have Sneezed a total of 8048 Times.

Releasing over 5 Million Fungal Spores.

And that is only with Four People Sneezing.

What will happen when 40,000 People start to Sneeze?

From Kansas the Fungus quickly spreads West to Seattle

East to New York North into Canada and South to Texas.

Then as Tourists continue to Travel.

The Fungal Spores Travel with Them.

With every Sneeze Human Beings are One step closer

to Extinction.

And because the Fungus lives and Eats in the Nasal Passages

People think that they just have a Cold or Flu.

So with every Sneeze even more Spores are released.

People in Europe Asia and the America’s are Sneezing and Coughing

at an alarming rate.

In just over a Week 99% of the Human Population are Terminally

Infected by the Fungus.

The World Health Organisation realising that the Deadly Green Fungus

is back.

So they immediately suspend all travel by Air Land or Sea.

People the World over are Ordered to stay inside their Homes until

further Notice.

But it is already way too late.

The Fungus is still spreading and the only Humans not Infected

live on a few remote Islands and Antartica

But the Fungus is unrelenting so it is only a matter of time.

Now the Fungus is Transforming.

It has travels down from the Nasal Membranes and down

into the Stomach and Intestines.

Where it grows bigger and bigger.

And stronger and stronger.

Nothing on this Planet will be able to offer any resistance.

The Fungal Spores attach themselves to the Intestinal Wall

Where the Transformation is now complete.

The Fungal Spore is now an Embryo.

So now 995% of the Human Population.

Both Male and Female.

Has an Alien Foetus growing in their Intestines.

The Foetus sucks all of the Nutrients from its Human Host.

And they grow larger and larger.

Then after a Month of Stomachs Cramps Diarrhes and Constipation

99% of the Human Population make their way to the Toilet.

But it isn’t a Bowel Movement they are having.

They are all giving Birth.

As they sit down to do their business.

Most of them are so Sick they no longer care if they Live or Die.

Then their Arseholes expand to the size of a Dinner Plate.

And at exactly the same time the World over.

99% of the Human Population give Birth to 5 Billion Alien Babies.

Then those Green Alien Babies have a wash in the Toilet Water

Then They climb out of the Bowl and re enter the Arsehole

And start to Feed.

If their Human Hosts aren’t Dead yet

Then they soon will be.

As they Eat they are growing even bigger and stronger

Then when they have finished they leave behind a Human Husk

Now 5 Billion Human Husks are blowing in the Wind.

The Aliens now rule the Planet.

Long Live the Alien.

5 Billion Aliens now inhabit Earth.

And yes they do look a lot like ET.

Only none of them know how to  use a Phone.

Will there be any Human resistance at all?

Highly unlikely.

Because the last Human still Alive.

Olaf Sanderson from Greenland has Died.

On the 1st September 2016 the last Human Being is Dead

The Human Being Species is now Extinct

On Planet X the Supreme Leader is very Happy.

Planet Earth has been Conquered.

Now they will have to come up with a new Name

Earth is a bit to well  Earthy.

So after a lot of Debating and arguing

And original thinking

The Name of the planet is earth #2.


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