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A Couple of Dark Demons visited Work the other Day.

And They called an Extraordinary Meeting.

All of Us Minions gathered around Dressed in Our Whites

No one knew what was happening.

But We could all feel a Dark Force.

The Dark Demons didn’t have any Good News.

It was all Bad of course.


They talked about how they were Investing Hundreds of

Millions on their other Factories.

In a couple of different States.

But they had no Money to spare at our little Work place

And He said it with a Smile on His Face.

So Our Factory is closing down.


Even though I am Dressed in White.

I am feeling kind of Grey.

Soon I will be out of a Job.

I will have to borrow off Uncle Peter to pay Uncle Bob.


After the Meeting the Dark Demons Ride off on Their Black


While Us Minions go back to Work.

Everyone is wandering around like the Living Dead.

Back at our Work Stations Everybody is Talking at once

Did that just happen?

Are We all now almost Unemployed?


We are now nothing more than a Collection of Bones Blood

and Bruises.

We have done nothing wrong.

So why do we all feel like Losers?


Arriving Home I still feeling Numb

Then it hits Me that not only am I out of Job

But I will probably not see most of My Workmates ever again.

Except Reading their Posts on Facebook.


It Feels like the Dark Demon has reached in out pulled

out My Heart and Soul.

I wont to Scream out to Them

I am a Human Being

Not a Fucking Lump of Coal


I go to Bed but I can not Sleep

The Dark Moon above starts to creep.

It feels like I am Drowning

I am in way to Deep.

I want to climb the Mountain

But Fuck it is Steep


But then I realise that there is a whole new World

out there

Will I open My Eyes and take a Peep?

Or will I keep them closed

And end up on the Scrapheap?

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