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Detectives Frank Pullen and Michael Stein are Cold Case


They are looking for any sort of Clue that might of been


Any thread of Evidence that will bring Closure.

So that the Families of the Missing and Murdered can

find some Peace.

And have some Remains to Bury with Dignity.

And before You say anything

They have both heard all of the Jokes about Their Names

How when You put them together You create a Monster.

You have to have a sense of Humour when You are dealing with

sadness and misery.

Anything to solve a Case.

One Cold Case in particular has Them perplexed.

It is so Cold it is almost frozen.

It concerns the Murder of Ten Young Females back in 1999

On January 9 of that Year 18 year old Jane Sinclair  was found

Murdered up in the Hollywood Hills.

Four Inch Nails had been driven  through Her Wrists and Ankles

Pinning Her to the Ground.

She had been Stabbed a total of Forty Seven times.

A long Blonde Wig had been placed on Her Head.

And the Words ‘The Albino’ was cut into Her Abdomen

Plus She had been Raped brutally

Then on the Ninth of every Month a new Victim was found

up in the Hills.

With the same M.O The Four inch Nails the Blonde Wig the

Words ‘The Albino’

cut into her Stomach plus She was also brutally Raped.

The last known Victim was Named Sandra Jones Aged just


She was found on the 9th of October 1999.

Once again up in the Hollywood Hills.

Even though the Hollywood area was swamped with Police

on the Ninth of each Month.

‘The Albino’ Killer was never Apprehended.

No Evidence of any sort was ever found

No DNA Tyre Prints Semen nothing not even a lousy Finger print.

It was like the ‘Albino’ was a Ghost.

So for Seventeen Years the ‘Hollywood Hills’File has been

gathering Dust.

On the Cold Case Shelf.

Despite all the Years of Investigating by the Los Angeles

Homicide Division.

No Suspect was ever Interviewed.

But now after all of this Time

The Case is to be Re-investigated by Two of the best Cold Case

Detectives in California

Det Frank Pullen and Det Michael Stein.

Frank and Stein.

The first thing that they do is visit the Crime Scene

As they have a look around they find it hard to believe that ‘The Albino’

Committed all of these grisly Murders

And yet Nobody saw a thing

Tourists flock to the ‘Hollywood’ sign all Year round

Yet No One has ever come forward.

Could it be that these Murders was committed by one of their own?

Back at the Precinct Frank and Stein are pouring over the Crime scene


For about the Hundredth time.

All of the Victims have been Bled out.

With the Transluscent Skin and the Blonde Wig.

They all kind of look like Albinos

Is the Killer metaphorically Killing Himself?

Is the Killer an Albino?

As Frank and Stein go over the Old File

Frank thinks that it could be a Fellow Police Officer

While Stein thinks that it is a Local that knows the area

so well that He just blends in unnoticed

But as they argue back and forth

They both notice that the Crime Scenes share another

thing in common.

The Medical Examiner at every scene was Dr William Campbell

Frank and Stein have worked with Dr Campbell on many occasions

And He was always the complete Professional.

He did everything by the Book.

But He was also very arrogant and standoffish

They haven’t worked with Dr Campbell in a long time

Maybe He has Retired?

Frank calls the M.E Office and asks to Speak to Dr Campbell

And He is surprised when His call is put through

So Dr Campbell hasn’t Retired

Why haven’t they seen Him at any Crime Scenes?

When Dr Campbell answers Frank informs Him that He and Stein

have re-opened the ‘Hollywood Hills’ case from 1999.

Frank asks the Doctor what can He remember about the Case

And Dr Campbell says that He cant remember the Case clearly

But He will look at the Old Case File and call back in a Day or Two

When He arrives Home Dr Campbell is fuming.

After Seventeen Years He thought that He had got away with

committing Ten Murders.

Now that Frank and Stein are on the Case.

He knows that it is only a matter of time before they crack the Case

wide open.

Dr Campbell looks out of His Living Room Window.

The ‘Hollywood’ Sign is only 500 Yards away.

He has donned a long Blonde Wig

He is Naked except for a Pair of White Socks.

When You look around the Living Room everything is White

The Walls the Ceiling The Furniture The Carpet.

Everything is stark White.

Even the Television and Sound System are hidden behind a White


He Sits on a White Leather Lounge with a Whiskey.

And He Strokes Himself as He thinks back to when He was Eighteen

That is when He was Diagnosed with a rare Blood Disorder.

That left Him extremely weak and pale.

People started to call Him the ‘Albino’

Everybody feel sorry for Him

He was the centre of attention.

All of the Girls liked to play with His Blonde Wig

And a whole lot more.

But Six Months later.

After a succession of Blood Transfusions.

He was Cured and Disease free.

He was no longer the centre of attention

The Girls no longer came around

He was now just plain William Campbell.

No One would give Him the time of Day

Why couldn’t He stay an ‘Albino’?

He knows that Frank and Stein will never give up until

the Case is solved.

And He cant let that happen

So Frank and Stein will have to be taken out

Gunned down in the Line of Duty?

Or Killed in a Police Pursuit?

After one last Whiskey He Retires to Bed

But He knows that He wont Sleep

Frank and Stein are at the Precinct first thing in the Morning

They have been searching on the Net for any Albinos that Lived

in the L A area back in 1999

And there were only Three.

But all of them were way to Young at the Time.

So they are ruled out as Suspects

But with some further digging they come across an Article in the

Los Angeles Chronicle on the 10th June 1999

The Story is about a Youngster Named William Campbell

Who has received Life saving Blood Transfusions.

A Photo Beneath shows William Campbell the ‘Albino’

in Hospital

Well well well

So Dr Campbell was once Nick Named the ‘Albino’

Why has He never mentioned this in Seventeen Years?

Time to pay the Good Doctor a visit

So they jump into a Squad Car and they race towards the

Doctors Home up in the Hills.

But as they get close to the Doctors House they are rammed from

behind by a large Sedan

And in the Rear view Mirror Stein can see a Person wearing a Blonde


Trying to push them off the Road

Frank slams on the Brakes and the Maniac swerves to avoid a Collision

And Drives right through a Guard Rail

And down a fifty foot Embankment.

His Car becomes airborne and hits the ‘H’ of the Hollywood Sign.

The ‘Albino’ starts to climb out of the Car

When it bursts into Flames

And He is Incinerated in the Metal Coffin

And He is Cremated at the same time

The ‘Hollywood Hills’ Cold Case is officially closed.

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