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In Part One I told you all about the Mutant Moths

that had invaded My Pantry.

And how they had become stuck on the Glue surface

of a Pantry Moth Trap.

Where they Died and started to Rot.

But then they all come back from the Dead

They escaped from the Moth Bait.

Leaving behind Legs Wings and in some cases a Head.

Then they went Underground

Only to re-emerge Three Months later.

They had discovered My Housemates Muscle Building

Protein Powders.

Then they started to grow and grow.

These Moths are now Mutant Moths

All of them are missing Body Parts

Some have grown to the size of a Small Bird

While others have grown to the size of a Small Dog

One of the Dog sized Mutant Moths was Flying around

My House.

Then it Dive Bombed Me shattering My Left Hip.

Now I am laying in agony on My Living Room Floor

My Hip Bone has broken through the Skin.

And it is sticking out like a Lamb Shank

Then the Mutant Moth Flies lower and lower covering Me

in Gossamer Threads.

Then it sticks Me with Its Probiscus

Now I am shrouded in a Giant Cocoon.

Part Two

I know that I need to escape from this Gossamer Prison

Before I run out of Oxygen.

Plus I really need to Pee.

I wont be able to hold it much longer

But I don’t want to do it in this Confined Space

I might Drown in My Own Urine.

And I haven’t exactly got a Snorkel at Hand

My Gossamer Cocoon Hell Hole is transparent

I can see the shadows of the giant Mutant Moths

as they Fly around My House.

Them One of them lands on Me and starts to prod Me

with its Feeding Tube.

I have been struck before by that thing

And I didn’t like the Feeling

I avoid it in the best way that I can

Then I feel something running down My Leg.

I cant believe it.

I have Pissed Myself.

The Smell of My Urine is driving the Mutant Moths Crazy

It Stabs and Stabs with its Probiscus

Like it is in a Feeding Frenzy

What a way to go.

Stabbed to Death by a Killer Giant Mutant Moth.

I need to escape from this Cocoon Pronto

So I slide over a few Inches and start to use My Broken

Hip Bone like a Saw.

The Pain is excruciating  but I try to block it out

I act like a Human Black n Decker

I Cut open a Two Foot long Slit.

Then I start to Crawl out.

Then Two of those Mutant Moths land on My Hip

And again I am Stabbed by their Feeding Parts

Immediately My Left Leg goes Numb.

Which is good.

Because now I am Pain Free.

I just hope that I don’t become their next Meal.

My House is now full with Morphine Injecting Urine

loving giant Mutant Moths.

But at least I am Mobile again.

That Numbing Agent that they Injected Me with

Is really doing a great Job.

I just hope that My Insides don’t turn to Jelly

Otherwise the Mutant Moths will enjoy a Hearty liquid

Meal of Human Soup.

Two Mutant Moths are Sitting on My Groin sucking up

the wet patch.

Jesus this is Gross.

I grab hold of those Two Motherfuckers

And I rip their Wings off.

But they just unfold a spare set

And take off Outside.

The Walls in My House has about Fifty large Holes

Where the Mutant Moths have Punched through

The Sunlight starts to stream in

And I can see My Neighbours House.

The Mutant Moths are Flying all over the Neighbourhood.

People are Running around Yelling and Screaming

Trying to avoid a Mutant Moth Aerial Attack.

Then an Idea starts to form in My Head

I remember that the House Three Doors down has a large

in-ground Swimming Pool.

I Yell out as Loud as I can.

I tell My Neighbours to gather as many People as they can.

Then run to the Jackson’s Place.

I Race down there.

And there are already Ten People Milling about.

Confusion and fear written all over their Faces.

As best as I can I explain about the Mutant Moths and their

Taste for Human Urine.

So the Guys get their Junk out and start Pissing away

The Girls are more discreet.

They go behind a Tree and Pee into  bucket.

Then empty the contents into the Pool.

Soon there are more than a Hundred People Pissing into

that Pool.

I just hope that the Urine wont be to Diluted by the Water

in the Pool.

Or the Mutant Moths might not be Attracted.

But I was worrying about nothing.

The Mutant Moths land in the Pool like they are Kamikaze

They just cant help themselves.

And in less than Ten Minutes all of the Mutant Moths are

Swimming in the Pool.

The only thing missing is the Pina Coladas

Seventy Five Guys are still Pissing in the Pool

I am surprised that the Mutant Moths aren’t Wearing Shower


They are enjoying it that much.

But soon they are overwhelmed by the Yellow Stream

And One by One the Mutant Moths start to Sink and Drown.

Mt Jackson brings over the Pool Cover.

And we Cover that Mutant Moth filled Pool

The Mutant Moths are Sealed inside their Burial Tomb.

The Mutant Moths have been Defeated.

Defeated by an Act of Nature.

Right at the Eleventh Hour.

It just goes to show that You can never under estimate

the Power.

Of the Golden Shower.

A couple of Hours later after all of the Humans have departed

A ripping Sound comes from the Pool.

And a Wet Mutant Moths pokes its Head out

So there will have to be a Part Three.

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