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Deep under the City of London

Way beneath the Underground

Is the Headquarters of a Secret Organisation

Who call Themselves the Green Scorpions

They Live way down there amongst the Ferals and steps

the Outcasts.

The Green Scorpions are an Elite Group

It is a very hard Group to join

You have to have the ability to Live you Life without


And also be able to Commit some serious Crimes to rid

the Earth of Vermin and garbage of the Human kind.

They call Themselves the Green Scorpions because They

like to strike hard and fast.

Then disappear into the Night

Dragging their Prey with Them.

The Group consists of only Six Members

They are all very different.

But they are all exactly the Same.

Just like the Ferals and the Outcasts

The Six Green Scorpions have also been rejected by Society

Because of attitude problems and Body Modifications

The Six Green Scorpions share a common bond.

They are all Brutal and will never take a backward step

They will never rest until the World is rid of Scum and


One Person at a Time.

One of the Ferals

Is a young Dreadlocked ex Meth Addict Named Dougal

Dougal is Sixteen and He has been in the System since He

was Ten.

But He has fallen through the cracks.

And He now Resides deep underground

Down in the Dungeons.

But now He is a Man on a Mission

The Green Scorpions and other underground Colony are


So Dougal has to make His way to the Surface

Tonight it is Chinese.

A few Owners of the local Restaurants have taken a shine to

Dougal and the other Ferals

So They provide them with leftover Food and uncollected


Dougal arrives at the Alley leading to the Back Door of the Chinese

With him is His trusty Sidekick a large White Rat named Rat.

Then Dougal Hears some muffled Screams behind some Wooden


He sees a Girl being brutally Raped.

Dougal quickly backs off.

And from his Backpack He pulls out a Notebook and a Pen.

And He Writes a short Message.

Then He ties the Note to Rats Tail and sends Him on His way

Rat knows exactly what to do and where to go.

He slips down a Stormwater Drain with a Message for the

Green Scorpions.

The Owner of the Chinese Restaurant comes Outside with

a Shitload of Food.

But Dougal waves Him back and tells him to call for help.

The Two Rapists have finished their dirty deed

They pull up Their Pants Laughing and Giggling

Then They make Their way to the Pub for a Pint or Two.

They don’t acknowledge Dougal as They pass Him.

Dougal slips a Honing Device into each of their Coat Pockets

Then He watches Them go on Their way.

He goes back to the Alley where the Rape Victim is being comforted

by the Restaurant Owner.

The Girl is Traumatised and in Shock.

Dougal can Hear the Police and Ambulance arriving.

So now that He knows that the Girl is in safe hands.

He grabs the Food and heads back down to the Dungeons

The Six Green Scorpions are Cleaning Their Weapons

When Rat arrives with the Message

After Reading the contents of the Note.

A Smile comes to the Face of the Leader of the Green Scorpions

Nick ‘Waxhead’ Knowles.

He is called ‘Waxhead’ because Years ago when He was a Member

of the SAS

A Rebel Soldier in Chechnya Threw a Molotov Cocktail that hit Him

in the Face.

So now His Face looks like a Melted Candle.

Hence the Name ‘Waxhead’

He calls to the Frenchman Pierre to follow Him.

And they head towards the Surface.

Two more Dregs of Society are about to feel a whole lot of Pain.

After about Six Pints Each.

The Two Rapists decide it is time to go Home.

They stop to Light Their Cigarettes.

So They don’t notice Two Pair of Hands reach up through

a Drain.

And Pull Them down.

‘Waxhead and Pierre drag Them through the Sewer Water

Where the Two are covered in Shit and God knows what.

They are dragged all the way down to the Dungeons

And When They get there They Look like They have gone

Ten Rounds with Mike Tyson.

Then the Two are Tied to a Couple of Steel Beams.

Then ‘Waxhead’ steps forward and Announces

;I am The Leader of the Green Scorpions a Group set up

to rid London of Human Garbage

‘I am Your Judge and Jury and I pronounce You both Guilty

as Charged

Your Sentence will be carried out now’

Without another Word ‘Waxhead’  Steps towards the First


He grabs hold of the Offending Penis and Testicles

And with a Slice from His Knife the Appendages are

Separated from His Body.

As the Rapist Screams His Vocal Chords  are cut out to keep

Him Quiet.

Then the Wounds in the Groin  and Throat are Sealed with a

Soldering Iron.

The Second Rapist watches in Horror  Then He to is Castrated

and His Vocal Chords are Cut.

And His Wounds are also Sealed

Then after a Week of Convalescing the Two Villians are taken to

the Surface.

And released back to Society.

They are no longer a Harm to Anybody.

They just wander around in a daze.

Forever Haunted by the Sting of the Knife.

And the Sting of the Green Scorpions.

The Six Green Scorpions are Celebrating with a Beer or Two

When Rat Scampers on to the Table.

He has another Note tied to His Tail.

The Job of Fighting Crime never ends.

There is always one more Scumbag to take off the Streets.


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