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In Part Two of this Story.

Mawkin The Ruler of all the Scarecrows and Mommet

plus a Trusted Scarecrow Named Hylan.

Terrorised a Small Town in Victoria Australia.

A Town Named Talbot.

Another 25 Scarecrows were left behind up in the Hills.

With he promise that Human Flesh would be provided

But Mawkin went back on His Word.

And the 25 Scarecrows Died and reverted back to Everyday

Wooden Scarecrows.

Mommet was Jealous of Mawkins Status.

And He tried to Overthrow Mawkin.

But Mawkin got in first and ripped open Mommets Chest

And proceeded to Eat the still Beating Heart.

So now Mommet is now nothing more than a pile of Sawdust.

Hylan meanwhile has snuck into a Bedroom

And Impregnated a Seventeen Year Old Virgin.

The Virgin had a Dream that She had had Sex with Something

that looked like a Scarecrow

Could it be true?

Hylan also wonts to be the Ruler of all the Scarecrows

And seeing that Mawkin trusts Hylan

He doesn’t imagine any threat.

So Hylan is able to get up nice and close.

He pierces Mawkins Chest and rips out His Heart

But He makes a huge Mistake.

To Kill a Scarecrow you have to Eat the Heart while it is

still Beating.

But Hylan just threw the Heart to the Ground.

Now Mawkin is caught somewhere between Life and Death.

And He is Itching for Revenge.

Hylan caught a Bus to destination unknown

And Nine Months later the Virgin gave Birth to the first

Homo Scarecrowian Born on Earth.

A Mawkin is hovering in a Vortex of Destruction.

Now to Part Three.

Nine Hundred Kilometres away from Talbot.

Hylan is holed up in a Rundown Shack on the outskirts

of Wangaratta.

He has Survived on Roadkill and the odd Wallaby.

Lately He has been thinking about the Virgin that He left behind

in Talbot

Plus the Baby Homo Scarecrowian.

So He Sits on the Floor of the Shack.

He crosses His Legs and starts to Chant.

‘This the Father of Your Baby

I am Hylan Ruler of all the Scarecrows

You are to come to Me immediately

Just pack a few things

And get here as fast as You can

I will guide You all the way

Leave now’

The Seventeen Year Old is sitting at Home Nursing

Her Baby.

When She starts to Hear a Voice on the Wind.

She is Transfixed and straight away jumps to Her

Feet and starts to Pack.

She wraps Her Baby in a Shawl

And She Walks out of the Font Door.

She doesn’t even say Goodbye.

Her Name is Sara Jane and Her Baby is Named Pinochino

Because He is after al Half Scarecrow

All Wooden and stiff.

Sara Janes jumps on to a Bus that is heading North.

The Voice is telling Her which way to go.

So She relaxes and enjoys the Ride.

Even Pinnoch is Happy

He seems to know that He is going to see His Daddy.

500 Kilometres away a Black Crow is busy digging up

Worms and Grubs.

When He to Hears a Scarecrow Voice on the Wind

A Voice from the Past.

The Voice of His Nemesis.

With a flurry of Wings

The Black Crow Screeches at the Sky

Then He Twirls around like a Tornado

And from the Eye of that Tornado

A Seven Foot Winged Scarecrow emerges.

Mawkin is back from the almost Dead.

Now He just has to follow that Voice.

And Hylan will Die an Agonising Death.

Sara Jane and Pinnoch are close to Their Destination

The Voice tells Them

‘Get off the Bus at the Intersection right near an old Garage

Walk down the Gravel Road and I will be waiting’

Hylan is Sitting on the Back Porch Channelling His Thoughts

He knows that Sara Jane and Pinnoch are very close

He Sits there Scratching His Stubble that is full of Splinters

He likes having People in the Palm of His Hand

So He starts to Chant again.

‘People this is your Prophet Hylan come and join Me

You can be my Disciples and I will show you the way

So leave now and join Me in the Promised Land

Just listen to the Wind and follow My Words’

Mawkin is also listening to the Wind

He is getting closer to His revenge

So He keeps on listening to Hone in on the Location

Then He takes to the Wing with a Smile on His Beak

The People of Wangaratta are just going about Their Day

The vulnerable among Them start to Listen to a Voice

mingling in the Leaves.

A Voice that draws them in like a Moth to a Flame.

Sara Jane is walking down the Gravel Road carrying Pinnoch

Part of Her Brain is telling Her to Run like Hell

But She cant resist the Power of the Voice

So She keeps on Walking.

She is soon joined by Twenty Others

And when She looks over Her Shoulder

Thirty more are close behind.

They all Walk forward in a Trance

Like the Condemned going to the Guillotine

Like Lambs to the Slaughter.

Hylan Stands on His Front Porch watching all the People


Sara Jane and Pinnoch are in are in the lead closely followed

by One Hundred vulnerable Locals.

He steps forward to take Pinnoch from Sara Jane

He is as proud as Punch.

The one and only Homo Scarecrowian on Earth.

And He is My Son.

Sara Jane and the Locals all mill around in Confusion

Then Hylan hols out His Hands to welcome the Converts

into the Fold

A Hush falls over the Crowd as Hylan Speaks

‘Welcome to My Commune

I am Hylan Ruler of all the Scarecrows

I am Your Saviour Your guiding Light

Trust Me and I will show You the way to a better Place’

The Humans are Stupified

What is all this Talk about Scarecrows?

Then They all kook at the Master and They notice His Wooden


Then They See His Razor sharp Teeth

And His long Finger Nail Claws

They Thought They were on their way to the Promised Land

But They have all arrived in Hell

If only They knew what Hylan has install for Them

They are not to be His Subjects or His Disciples

They are nothing more then Hylans Food Supply

They will all be Consumed so that the Homo Scarecrowians

can grow and prosper

Just then a single Black Crow Lands on a nearby Tree

Mawkin has arrived to regain His Crown

He looks to the Heavens spreads His Wings and Screeches

at the Sky.

All of the Clouds turn Black and nasty

The Air is charged with Ions

But there is no Storm on the way

The Sky is Black for another Reason

Forty Thousand Black Crowes have gathered at Mawkins


Then Mawkin points His Wings to the Ground

And Screams like a Banshee

The Forty Thousand Black Birds Dive down on to the Humans


Then They start to Peek and Claw in a vicious attack

The Hundred Humans below don’t stand a chance against

Forty Thousand crazed Birds.

And soon they are decimated.

Body parts are torn off and carried away

One Hundred Human Beings have just been Slaughtered

in this Godforsaken Place.

Hylan Stands there watching the Carnage take place

His Food source no longer Exists.

He knows that Mawkin is here

And this time He wont Run.

He will Stand and Fight.

But He can barely react when He is set upon

Mawkin has Transformed into the Seven Foot Winged


Mawkin and Hylan Fight Claw and Tussle for Life or Death

For over Thirty Minutes They Fight

They are both covered in Cuts and Blood

Then Hylan feels mawkins Claws enter His Chest

His Ribcage is Torn apart

His Heart is removed from His Body

Hylan can only Stand there and watch as Mawkin Eats His

Still Beating Heart

Then He falls Dead to the Ground.

Mawkin is disappointed He expected more of a Fight

It just goes to show that He is the True Leader of all the


Hylan was nothing more than a pretender

Now He is nothing more than a dried out Husk

A Tumble Weed blowing in the Wind.

Mawkin is still Basking in the Glory.

So He doesn’t notice the Black Crowes that have mistaken Him

for  Human.

And They converge en masse

Mawkin can do nothing as a Thousand Black Birds Consume

His Wooden Body.

Limb by Limb

Splinter by Splinter

In the Shack Jane has Her Hands over Pinnochs Eyes

It is like She is Living in a Horror Movie

She sits there for a couple of Days

Waiting and hoping that the Black Birds have gone away

She looks out of the Window.

And there isn’t a Bird in sight

She leaves Pinnoch laying on the Bed

And steps Outside to have a Look around

But She has taken a few too many Steps

When One Hundred Black Crowes descend

They have been Smelling Her Sweat and Fear

Just waiting for Her to step Outside

Sara Jane senses

the danger but just a little too late

Before She can reach the safety of the Shack

The One Hundred Black Crowes are on Her

Thankfully Sara Jane is dispatched quickly

And within an Hour She is Picked Clean.

The only thing left behind is Her Bones

Inside the Shack Pinnoch begins to Cry

And He Cries and Cries for Hours

His Whimpers are heard by a passing Dingo

Who Walks straight in the Door Sniffing the Air

He Walks straight up to Pinnoch

And lifts Him up by the Back of the Neck and

Will Pinnoch Survive?

Does the Dingo Eat the Baby?

To find out the Answers

You will have to come back and Read Part Four.

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