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In Part Three

We sure Hylan the Scarecrow living in a run down Shack

Near Wangaratta.

He Sat on the Front Porch and Whispered into the Wind.

He is Calling the Human Victim of His Rape

Who has given Birth to His Son Pinnoch.

The first Homo Scarecrowian Born on Earth.

The Human Victim was a Young 17 year old  Named Sara Jane

She Hears that Voice on the Wind.

And Trance like She grabs Pinnoch and jumps on a Bus to


Hylans Whispers are also heard by the People of Wangaratta

And One Hundred vulnerable Locals also follow the Voice.

Sara Jane and Pinnoch arrive at Hylans Shack

Followed closely by the One Hundred Locals

A Black Crow also arrives.

But this isn’t an ordinary Bird

It is Mawkin the former Ruler of all the Scarecrows

And He wonts His Title back

The Title that Hylan Stole.

Mawkin calls to the Sky

And Forth Thousand Black Crowes descended onto the One

Hundred Locals

They are all Ripped to Shreds and Their Body parts carried away

Mawkin the Black Crow Transforms into a Seven Foot Scarecrow

He confronts Hylan.

And after an Epic Battle Mawkin is the Victor.

Hylans Heart is Consumed by Mawkin while it was still Beating.

So Hylan is Dead and He can never come back.

Mawkin Thinking that He is Safe takes His Eyes off the Black Birds

And One Thousand of them Swoop down

And They Eat Mawkins Wooden Body Splinter by Splinter.

Unfortunately Sara Jane also leaves the Safety of the Shack

And She is quickly Dispatched.

The only Survivor is Pinnoch the Baby Homo Scarecrowian.

who starts to Cry.

And His Cries are Heard by a passing Dingo.

The Dingo enters the Shack and picks up Pinnoch by the back

of the Neck and

Part Four.

The Dingo Trots back to His Den  with Pinnoch still in His


His Mate is Curled up Inside.

She has been waiting for a Meal all Day.

The Male Dingo drops Pinnoch to the Floor of the Den.

Then proceeds to tear off Pinnochs Clothing.

Pinnoch is squirming on the ground.

But He is Hungry and He sees a familiar sight.

So He clamps onto the Female Dingoes Teat.

The Female Dingo is surprised.

She thought that all of Her Pups had already been Weaned

But there is always a Runt of the Litter.

So She lays down to Suckle.

And with a Snarl She sends Her Mate off to find Food.

Meanwhile up in the Trees

The One Thousand Black Birds that Consumed Mawkins

Wooden Body.

Are all feeling uncomfortable.

It has been Four Hours since They Ate Mawkin.

And in that Time not One of Them has dropped a single Poop.

So up in the Trees the One Thousand Black Birds are Pushing

and Straining.

Beads of Sweat forms on their Feathers.

If only They could Sit down with a Newspaper.

After another few Hours huge Sighs of relief are heard coming from

the Branches.

Then 1000 Pellets of Crap hit the Forest Floor.

Back at the Den Pinnoch is settling in nicely

He has had a steady supply of Milk.

Plus He has had His first taste of fresh Meat.

He is instantly Addicted to the Blood.

He cant get enough of the stuff.

Then His Baby Teeth  turn into Razor sharp Incisors

And His Fingers turn into Claws.

Even though Pinnoch is only Fourteen Months Old

He is ready to explore and Conquer the World.

The Female Dingo is still allowing Him to Suckle

Even though His Teeth are getting very Sharp.

Pinnoch still Loves His Milk.

But He likes the Taste of Meat and Blood even better.

He Bites down on a Nipple a little too hard.

And the Female Dingo Yelps in Pain.

But Pinnoch just keeps Biting and Biting.

And the Female Dingo is Eaten Alive.

Pinnoch Crawls out of the Dingo Den.

He cant quite Walk yet.

He has already had His first Kill.

As He lays near the entrance to the Den He Hears a Sound


It Sounds like a 1000 Bird Turds hitting the Ground.

A Couple of Days after the Birds dropped Their Wooden Pellets.

The Stuff starts to Metabilise and begin to Dance.

The 1000 Wooden Turds start to Float in the Air.

Then They all start to fall into place.

Like a Giant Scarecrow shaped Jigsaw Puzzle.

The Picture Clears and yes People

Mawkin the Ruler of all the Scarecrows is back.

But He is a bit Misshapen.

Some of those Black Crows must still be backed up.

Mawkin is missing His Nose an Ear and His Face is all Eschew

But He is still the Same old Mawkin.

He takes a Second to get His Bearings.

Then He Wanders off in the Direction of Hylans Shack.

In the Dingo Den Pinnoch has now completely Devoured the

Female Dingo

And has fallen asleep inside the Carcass.

Then He Hears the Male Dingo coming back from the Hunt.

As soon as the Male Dingo enters the Den He knows that something

is wrong.

As He goes to Sniff the Body of the Female Dingo.

Pinnoch Clamps onto His Throat and He doesn’t let go.

Soon the Male Dingo collapses to the Ground.

But He isn’t Dead.

He is just Unconscious.

Seeing that Pinnoch cant Walk yet He needs a Mode of Transport.

And a Dingo will do just fine.

So He Crawls up behind the Prone Dingo

And with a Thrust He sticks His Head up the Dingoes Rectum.

Then He Crawls Inside.

A few Minutes later the Dingo opens His Eyes and Tries to get to

His Feet.

But it is a Struggle.

It Feels like Something has Crawled up His Arse.

But then the Dingoes Eyes change from Brown to Green

Pinnoch is now in Charge

The Dingo/Pinnoch gets to His Feet.

And with a Yawn and a Shake of His Tail.

Pinnoch the Homo Scarecrowian leaves the Den.

Mawkin has made Himself at Home in Hylans Old Shack

He is slowly getting His Revenge on the Black Crowes.

Every now and then He will go Outside and Hold up His Arms

And Twenty Seven Black Birds will Land.

Then They are taken Inside and Consumed at Leisure.

A big pile of Bones is building up in the Corner.

Only 39,492 Black Crowes to go.


As Mawkin Chews on a Wing He Pines for some Company

He Sniffs the Air with His non existent Nose.

But no Scarecrow Scent is Detected.

So Mawkin has a change of Plans.

He goes out to the back of the Shack.

He pulls down His Pants and starts to Fondle His fleshy Wooden


Until it becomes Erect.

He Strokes faster and faster.

Than He feels the tension building up in His Wooden Nuts

He Aims His Erection Towards Wangaratta

And with a mighty Explosion 5 Million Scarecrow Sperm are

released into the Atmosphere.

A Wet Gooey Cloud of Semen is on its way to Town.

Any Female unlucky enough to be Outside that Day

Feels a strange sensation.

And even though They haven’t had Sex.

They all feel a Wetness in their Vaginas.

They have all been Impregnated with Scarecrow Sperm.

So in Nine Months time 142,349 Female Humans will give

Birth to 142,349 Homo Scarecrowian Babies.

Pinnoch the Dingo Trots away from the Den.

He has picked up a Scent.

A Smell from the Past.

The Smell of Scarecrow.

He Starts to Run faster.

He just follows His Nose.

Until He arrives at an Old Shack.

And Sitting on the Front Porch is the source of the Scent.

The only Living Scarecrow on the Planet.

As Pinnoch gets closer.

The figure on the Porch Stands up and Watches the Dingo


When the Dingo is about Ten Feet away.

It Squats as if to take a Shit.

Mawkin Thinks ‘Jesus go behind a Tree or something’

Then the Dingo gives out a Strangled Yelp.

And a Baby falls from its Arsehole and lands on the Ground.

Mawkin recognises the Baby as Hylans Son Pinnoch

The first Homo Scarecrowian Born on Earth.

He Runs forward and picks Pinnoch up.

Whew He really could do with a Bath.

With Pinnoch is having a Wash in the Kitchen Sink

Mawkin looks out of the Window and notices a Shitload of

Black Crowes gathering amongst the Clouds.

39,290 Black Birds are Circling.

Mawkin grabs Pinnoch.

Then He goes Outside to keep an Eye on the Birds.

1000 of the Black Crowes has formed a Daisy Chain.

The First One is holding a Power Line.

While the rest Swoop down towards Mawkin and Pinnoch.

Mawkin is still holding Pinnoch.

They see the Birds coming and try to Run back into the Shack

But They don’t quite make it.

And because Pinnochs Body is still Wet

An Arc of Electricity slams into Them.

And Mawkin and Pinnoch plus the 1000 Black Crowes are Fried.

Mawkin and Pinnoch are thrown Forty Feet

And Land in a Weed filled Garden.

Mawkin and Pinnoch are now nothing more than your average

Garden variety Scarecrows.

Now They will guard this Garden for Eternity.

In Wangaratta 142,349 Females have got Morning Sickness.

How will They explain this to Their Husbands and Boyfriends.

Well if You wont to know the answer

Come back and Read Part Five The Finale.

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