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The Year is 2003 and Eight Year Old Tommy Tucker

is getting ready for School.

But it is taking Him forever to Comb His Hair and Tie

His Shoe Laces.

So now He is Running late.

He Kisses His Mummy Goodbye.

Then He races out of the Front Door

Maybe He can still catch the School Bus.

The Bus Stop is just around the Corner.

But when He reaches the Corner.

He Sees the Bus Disappearing up the Road

Tommy Jumps up and down waving His Arms about.

But it is no use the Bus keeps on going.

Tommy turns back towards Home.

Surely Mummy can take Me to School?

‘Hey Kid do You wont a lift to School?’

Tommy spins around at the Sound of the Voice.

Twenty Feet away a large Black Ford is Idling at the Kerb

A Hand is Waving Tommy over.

Tommy slowly approaches the Car.

He has heard all about Stranger Danger.

So He doesn’t get too close.

Tommy starts to reach for the Door Handle

Then He steps back.

He looks at the Driver again.

He looks Friendly enough just like His Daddy.

And He did promise Billy Baxter that They would Play

Handball before Class.

‘Your Mummy sent Me to take You to School

She knew You wouldn’t make the Bus

Jump in and i will have You there in Twenty Minutes’

So Tommy Tucker gets into the Car.

The Driver cant believe His Luck

This Boy looks a lot like His Son Simon.

Simon His lovely Son who Died Three Years ago

This Boy will be the perfect replacement

Tommy is looking out of the Window.

And He is pretty sure that They are going the Wrong way

Then He looks over at the Driver and He Cringes in Fear

The Driver is pointing a Knife His way.

‘Just Sit there and keep Your Mouth Shut and i wont Hurt You

I am Your new Daddy and You are My replacement Son

Sit tight and We will be Home soon.

Tommy is scared out of His Mind

His Mummy will realise that He didnt go to School

And She will be Mad.

And Billy Baxter will Think that He Ckickened out of Hand Ball

After a long Drive They arrive at a Farm in the Coffs Harbour


The Driver drives up a long Winding Driveway.

Home Sweet Home

Tommy is too scared to Run

He is dragged inside and Tied to the Kitchen Table

His Abductor makes Him a Sandwich and Pours Him a Drink

Then He just Stands there watching Tommy Eat.

He cant believe how much like Simon He is.

This could be the One

He is really Feeling pleased with Himself

But than He has a second look

And He notices some slight differences

This Boys Nose is a bit longer

His Teeth are a bit Crooked

And His Hair isnt quite the Same

The little Bastard is trying to Trick Me.

Tommy is Backhanded across the Face

‘You Thought You could Fool Me

But You arent My Son

What have You done with Simon?’

Tommy doesn’t understand what the Crazy Man is Talking


And Who in the Hell is Simon?

Tommy is untied and Dragged Outside by the Hair

He is taken into the Backyard where the Abductor moves a

couple of Bricks holding down a Sheet of Corrugated Iron

Exposing a Metre Round Hole.

Tommy is told to Climb on down

Than the Abductor follows Him down

When Tommy touches Ground He finds Himself in a Old Mine Shaft

About the Size of a Small Bathroom

Tommy is Chained to a Steel Pole by the Ankle

With nothing but a Bucket for a Toilet

And a Old Lantern hanging on the Wall.

‘This is Your Punishment for trying to Deceive Me

I will bring You some Water Tomorrow

Dont Worry this is only Your Temporary Tomb

Once You have Died i will Bury You out in the Fields with

the Others’


Tommy Hangs His Head and starts to Cry

He doesn’t want to Die down in this Shit Hole

Tommy Screams out for His Mummy but No One can Hear

The Abductor goes back Inside the Farmhouse and grabs

a Beer from the Fridge

Than He goes out to the Verandah to Drink it

His Eyes Glaze over as He Looks out to to the Fields

He can You Tell You exactly where He has Buried the other Nine


Back at Tommy’s House His Mummy is doing some Housework

when Her Phone Rings.

She is Shocked when Tommy’s  Head Mistress Tells Her that Tommy

didn’t arrive at School

‘Is He at Home Sick?’

Tommy’s Mothers Heart Sinks.

She knows deep down that something is horribly wrong

Tommy is a Good Boy He wouldn’t Run Away

So She does the only thing She can do

She Calls Triple 000

She is surprised when Two Detectives Knock on the Door

This cant be good

She invites Them in and offers Them a Seat

They Introduce Themselves as Detectives Coverdale and Hughes

And They ask if She has a recent Photo of Tommy

Detective Coverdale Looks at the Photo and He doesnt like what

He Sees

He explains to Mrs Thompson that They Work in Missing Persons.

Then He Goes on to Say that ‘At the Moment We are treating Tommy’s

Disappearance as a Runaway’

Than He Tells Mrs Thompson that over the Past Three Years

Nine Young Boys Have gone Missing from the Coffs Harbour Area

And They all bear a strong Resemblance to Tommy.

Mrs Thompson starts to Sob

‘Please Tommy just come Home

Mummy isnt Mad You havent done anything wrong

Just come Home’

Tommy is Struggling to come to Terms with the Situation.

But He know’s that He will have to find a way to Escape

Otherwise He will Die in this Hell Hole

Inside the Farmhouse the Abductor is Disappointed

He really thought that this Boy was the One

But He knows One thing He will never stop Looking for Simon

Then He has another look out to His Fields

He Stands there Staring into Space

Where will He Bury the Boy down in the Hole?

Will Tommy Survive?

Will He find a way to Escape?

If You wont to know the Answers to the Questions

You will have to come back and Read Part Two.


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