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Randall the Rattlesnake is on a Mission

After Hibernating for the Winter

He really needs something to Eat.


But while Randall has been Hibernating

A new Six Lane Highway has been built

Cutting His Hunting Ground in half

But what does Randall know about Highways

He is after all a Rattlesnake


Randall the Rattlesnake Slithers from His Winter Den

And Smells the Desert Air with His Forked Tongue

And He Smells Rat


So He heads off following His Tongue

He can feel the Heat from the Sun Warming His Body

Than He feels a strange hard surface beneath His Belly

Nothing like Sand at all.


He decides to keep going.

Hunger over rules every other Sense

So He Zig Zags real Fast to get to the Other side of the Road

He could Think that He is a Chicken


But before He can reach the other side

He feels a big Vibration underneath Him

Then He spots a Huge dark Shape Racing towards Him


Randall Slithers and Slides as Fast as He can

It is going to be a close call

Randall can feel the Sand beneath Him again

But His Tail is still on the Hard surface

Then He feels a Hit to His Rear Section

And when He Looks back He can See something that

belongs to Him.

One Squashed Rattle.


But Randall the Rattlesnake isnt to worried

He is in His favourite feeding spot

And when He sheds His Skin

The first Nodule of His new Rattle will have formed


Over the next few Months Randall has Shed His Skin

a few times.

But there is still no sign of a new Rattle

Now Randall is worried.


How can He be a Rattlesnake without a Rattle?

He can do nothing but watch as all the other Male Rattlesnakes

shake their Rattles.

To show who has the biggest and the loudest.


Plus how is He supposed to attract a Female without a Rattle?

You have to Shake Your Money Maker to Stand out from the Crowd

And His Money Maker is Squashed out on the Highway.


So Randall the Rattlesnake Fills His Belly with His favourite


Than He Silently Slithers away.

He is tired of all the Teasing and all the Talking behind His Back




Then He picks up a Smell that He doesnt like

The Smell of Humans

Normally He would avoid Them at all Costs

But than He Thinks again maybe They can help?


As He gets closer He gets a whiff of Marijuana

And the Sound of a Party

A couple of Girls are Dancing and Shaking a Noisy


A Contraption called Castanets.


After a while the Girls take a Break.

And the Castanets are dropped to the Ground


So Randall Slithers in and picks up the Castanets with His Tail

And just like a Snake in the Grass

He is out of there.


Randall the Rattlesnake Drags those Castanets all the way Home

And He is as proud as Punch

So He starts Shaking those Castanets

He is really going to Town.


All of the Female Rattlesnakes start to Dance

Cavorting all of their Scales.

They seem Primed for some Interaction.


But than one of the Male Rattlesnakes grabs the Castanets

And He Throws Them down a Steep Sad Dune.

Jealousy is Rife in the Rattlesnake World.


So now Randall the Rattlesnake will have to come up with

another Plan of Attack.

Maybe He could Play the Saxophone?

Or Strum a Serenade on the Guitar?

Or Maybe He could Sing a Lullaby with His Forked Tongue


But deep down Randall knows that Original is always best

So He will have to find another replacement Rattle


So once again He is on the Hunt for a new Tail Section

Something Sporty that will attract some Attention

Maybe get it lowered.

But than He remembers that He is a Rattlesnake

And there is nothing lower than a Snakes Belly.


So again Hr has to find a new Rattle

Surely there are Replacement Rattles somewhere?

Maybe Rattles R Us?

Or maybe He could Shop Online?


Randall is growing Tired from all the Rattle Hunting.

But He knows that He wont be a proper Rattlesnake without

a Rattle.

So He Heads off in Search of His Holy Grail.

And soon He finds Himself in the Human Settlement once


Right Outside a Neon Sign.


He Looks up.

But a Rattlesnakes Eyesight isnt the best

About the same as Mr Magoo

But the Sign Reads ‘Discount Percussion Instruments’


Randall Slides right Inside

And He cant His Luck.

He Curls His Tail around some Charca’s and a Maraca than a


Andon His way out  He grabs Himself a Tambourine.


It takes a big effort.

But He finally arrives Home.

He Sets up all of His new Rattles.

And He starts to Play.


The Sound Fills the Desert Air.

Randall the Rattlesnake is a Natural

All of the other Rattlesnakes start to Groove and Undulate

They Dance and Move for Hours.


When the Instruments stop Playing

Silence fills the Air.

Well what did You expect

Snakes dont have Hands so They couldnt Clap

And They cant Stand up.

So there wasnt any Standing Ovation.


Then all of the Snakes Intertwine

And They make Happy in the Sand

Randall joins in.

And for the first time since He lost His Rattle

He feels part of the Group again.


Now Randall the Rattlesnake is very Happy

After Shedding His Skin Six more Times

The first Nodule of His new Tail has finally appeared.


Soon He will have a Brand New Rattle

Plus Four or Five Spares.


Plus His Percussion Instrument Playing has proven so Popular

He is going out on Tour

Who could ask for More?


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