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My Blues ( Aint Blue No More )

Now i am feeling kind of Beige.

I just Blend in with My Surroundings.

Beige is the Favourite Colour on all of the Walls.

I am the Beige in the Background.


And even though i am in plain Sight

No one seems to notice Me.

I am the Invisible Man.

Wrapped in Beige Bandages.


My Blues ( Aint Blue No More )

I Feel kind of Grey

A Grey Fog has entered My Mind

And it is messing with My Thinking


I Wear Grey Pants and Coat

Like a Funeral Director

I am Feeling down and heavy

Like a big Grey Cloud

Is Grey My Colour Now?


My Blues ( Aint Blue No More )

Now i feel kind of Yellow

I Said Yellow not Mellow

On the Exterior i might look like i am in Control

But in the Interior My Insides are doing Somersaults


My Life has Been a series of Slip Ups and Falls

Like i am Riding a Giant Yellow Banana Peel


A Yellow School Bus used to take Me to a Place

Where i didnt wont to be

And a Bright Yellow Raincoat never seemed to Protect Me.


My Blues ( Aint Blue No More )

I Think My Colour is Purple

Like One Giant Contusion

I am Purple to the Core.


Just like an Apple with a Purple Bruise

I am picked up than put back on the Shelf

Purple reminds Me of all the Bruises

That used to Cover My Body.

I was always getting Pushed around and Abused

I am just a purple Bruise.


My Blues ( Aint Blue No More )

I Feel kind of White

The Snow is Falling Outside

But i never Feel Snug and Tight

My Clean White Sheets

Remind Me of a Hospital Bed

Sometimes White can be very Stark


I am Blinded by the Whiteness

I am Writing this Story on White Paper

With My Snow Blind Eyes

Try as i Might

I dont really like White.


My Blues ( Aint Blue No More )

I Think i will try Tangerine

Tangerine isnt a Whole Colour

It is stuck Somewhere in between

Tangerine is the Colour of a Car

That Nobody wants to Buy

Do People really have Tangerine Dreams?


Tangerine is the Favourite Colour in Bryon Bay

Where People Live in a Dope Smoke Daze

The Smoke hangs Heavy in the Tangerine Sky

I sort of kind of like Tangerine

But at the same Time i dont

I dont wont to Dream in Tangerine


My Blues ( Aint Blue No More )

Now i am Red

Red like the Blood that is Flowing through My Veins

But i wont My Blood to Leave My Body

And Spray the Walls Red


But at the same Time Red is the Colour of some Flowers

And the Colour of My favourite Shirt.

But i cant stop Thinking about My Sheets Stained with Red

A Razor in My Hand Cutting and Slashing

And i wont stop until i can no longer See Red.


My Blues ( Aint Blue No More )

Because My favourite Colour is Black

When You Feel Black no other Colour matters

Black is the Ultimate.

Black is the Colour of Evil and Badness


Black is the Colour on the Dark Side of the Moon

Black is the Colour of a Killers Soul

Black is the Colour of the Blackest Black Hole


But then again You havent Seen Inside of My Head

That is the Blackest Place in the Universe

I Feel Blacker than Black

Is there a Darker Colour?


Cause if there is  i wont to know what it is

Because i do Feel Darker than Blue.


My Blues ( Are All Blue Again )

I Think i Will always be Blue

I am Tired of dealing with different Colours

Blue is the Colour for Me.


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