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In Part Two

My House was virtually Destroyed by large Mutant Moths

I was struck in the Hip by one of those Cat Sized Moths

My Hip Bone was Broken and it stuck out like a Lamb Shank


Than I was covered in Gossamer Threads like a Giant Human


I was Trapped there for Days with nothing to Eat or Drink

And i was forced to Urinate in My Pants


The Giant Mutant Moths were attracted to the Smell of the Urine

They stuck Their Feeding Tubes through the Cocoon

Sucking up the Wet patch in My Groin.


So once i escaped from the Cocoon

Using My Broken Hip Bone as a Saw

I remembered that the Jackson’s who lived Three Doors down

owned a large Swimming Pool.




So all the People in the Neighbourhood rushed down to the Jackson


And Urinated into the Pool.

And the Mutant Moths were all lured in like a Bear to a Honeypot

The Mutant Moths were soon overwelmed by the Urine

A Cover was placed over the Pool sealing in the Moths

And all of the Giant Mutant Moths Drowned in the Yellow Water

of Death.


But unbeknowns to Us a Few of the Mutant Moths

Had Ripped a hole in the Plastic Cover

And had made Their Escape.


Part Three.

The next Morning i was laying in Bed

Recovering from the previous Days Ordeal

I was having a Pleasant Dream.

When i was awoken by a Scream coming from the Jackson House


Jesus just when i thought the Fight was Won and the Mutant Moths

were gone for good

That Scream doesnt Sound good.

So i throw on some Clothes and Run as fast as i can.


I get there at the same Time as some of the Neighbours

We race around to the Backyard

Where Mr Jackson is Hyperventilating and Pointing at the Pool Cover.


Than We notice the large Slashes in the Pool Cover

We are in mighty big trouble.

Some of those Mutant Moths have Grown to the size of a Small Dog

And some of them are on the Loose.


Than Mr Jackson starts to Pull the Cover off the Pool

I Scream at Him to Stop

But i am too late.


Once the Sunlight and the Oxygen Hits the Pool Water

One Hundred or so Mutant Moths Start to Twitch Their Legs

and Spread Their Wings

The Mutant Moths are back from the almost Dead.


The Mutant Moths Climb out of the Yellow Water

And start to Dry out on the Concrete Pool Surrounds


I know that We have to Move Fast

Because if these Mutant Moths Dry out and Fly away

We will have a Nation Wide Disaster on Our Hands.


So We all Grab whatever We can get our Hands on

Rakes Brooms Shovels but it is all a waste of Time

The Mutant Moths have Grown too big to Handle

We try the best that We can but They are just too big and Strong

Then They test Their Wings like newly Fledged Birds

And take off to Destinations unknown.


We are all in a state of shock as We watch those Motherfuckers

Fly away.

All We can do is Sit on the Ground and scan the Skies in case those

Mutant Moths Return.

If only We had Eyes in the Back of Our Heads


My next Door Neighbour Mrs Jones is holding Her Three Year Old Sons


When One of those Dog Sized Mutant Moths Swoops down from behind Us

and Scoops up Billy.

And carries Him to a Tree Growing near the Pool


Mrs Jones is Hysterical Screaming for Her Son

We can only watch in Horror as the Mutant Moth  Punctures Billy’s Chest

with its Probiscus.

Then starts to Suck all of the Bodily Fluids from Billy.

When Billy is nothing but Skin and Bone

He is Dropped into the Pool.


We thought that the Mutant Moths had Flown away

But They are Circling the Neighbourhood like Vultures just waiting

for a chance to come in for the Kill

It is like being locked in a Prison Cell

The Mutant Moths are the Guards

And We are the Inmates.


The Sun is just starting to Set.

So the Twelve of Us grab some Chairs and Sit in a Circle

hoping that somehow We can keep the Mutant Moths at Bay.


Than the Screaming starts as One by One the Neighbours are Probed

than taken away to be Sucked Dry.

We have been Trying to call the Authorities but We cant get through

Somehow the Mutant Moths are Blocking the Signal.

But than i Hear the Sound of an approaching Helicopter

Thank God now We have a chance of Surviving.


It is not One but Three Helicopters.

They barely get a Chance to access the Situation when Twenty Mutant

Moths Attack each Helicopter.

It doesn’t take long before the Pilots start to lose control of their


Than the Three copters Spiral out of Control and Crash into the Street

in a Huge Fireball.


Then Ten or more Police Cars arrive on the Scene.

But They to are set upon and every Police Officer is Drained of His Fluids

and left Lifeless where They Fell.


Now i know that We are in Mortal Danger.

The Mutant Moths are still Hovering around than Dive Bombing down

picking a Victim of Their Choosing.


I know that Our only chance to Survive is to somehow make it to the

relative safety of the Jackson House.

I Yell out to the Others to Run to the Jackson House but i get no reply

I look to the Person Sitting next to Me  and i can See that She is as white

as a Ghost.


We were all caught up in what was happening to the Helicopters and the

Police Officers.

That We took our Eyes off our own situation.

I look at My Other Companions  and notice a Huge Mutant Moth attached

to their Ankles.

They have all been Sucked Dry and Died right in front of Me

And i didnt Notice a thing.


I go to Escape but i cant move My Leg.

In fact i cant Feel My Left Leg but i can See the Mutant Moth Attached to

My Ankle.

Than another one lands on My Thigh and Probed Me until it hits My

Main Artery.

Then it starts to Feed.


I know that i am a goner.

I cant move or Feel any part of My Body

Yet another one of those Fuckers lands on My Face and Probes until my

Right Eyeball is Punctured.

And the Contents runs down My Face like a soft boiled Egg.


Thats it i feel Myself Slipping away

Goodbye Cruel World.


The End

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