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My name is Brett Stevens

And i am Fourteen years of age

As i leaving home to go to School my parents told me that

when i got Home.

We needed to have a talk.


God i hope it is not that talk

Because they are way too late.

I lost my virginity last week

So talking about sex will be a complete waste of time.

And yes i did wear a condom.


I couldn’t concentrate at school i was worried

I hope there is nothing wrong with my parents

So when the school bell rings

I ride home with my heart in my throat

I park my push bike in the garage

And walk inside.


My parents are waiting for me at the kitchen table

I go to walk past like i haven’t seen them.

But my mother calls me back.


I sit down opposite them

And my mother starts to talk

‘Brett there is something important we need to tell you’

I yell out ‘Too late i had sex last week’

God did i say that out loud?


My parents look at me

‘Brett what are you talking about?

‘We need to talk about another matter’


‘O h sorry forget that i said anything’


My parents look at one another and than my mother starts

to talk.

‘Brett what we have to say is very difficult

We have waited until you are were old enough to comprehend

When you developing inside me before you were born

Another baby was developing at the same time

But the other baby died when it was a foetus

And your body absorbed it’


My mind is doing tailspins

What is my mother talking about?


Than my father puts a large X ray on the table

‘Brett remember when you broke a rib playing soccer a few

years ago?

This is the X ray that was taken at the time’


I look at the X ray and i can clearly see a skeletal foetus attached

to the bottom rib on the right side.


This is all too much to take in

I run into my room and throw myself onto the bed

Than i quickly roll over onto my back

I don’t wont to crush my little brother

Jesus what am i thinking about?

My little brother is a dead foetus

A dead foetus inside my body


As i lay there on my bed

I cant help but scratch my bottom rib

Maybe if i can scratch hard enough

I can bring my little brother back to life?


Wherever i go i scratch and scratch and scratch

I am scratching my skin red raw

But i just keep on scratching

I couldn’t stop even if i tried.


Over the following days and weeks i thought that i was

going insane.

But i just couldn’t stop scratching.

Is something moving inside me?

Or have i gone over the Edge?


Finally my parents have had enough

And they take me to see a Psychologist

So here i am in the waiting room

Waiting to see a shrink.


After introducing himself as Dr Ferguson

The Psychologist asks me to lay down on a couch

Than he starts with the questions about my obsession with


And how am i dealing with having a foetus inside me?


I dont know how to answer all of the questions

I just want to go home.

Than i feel a massive pain in my right side

I lift up my shirt

And a large lump is pushing out


The Shrink and i cant believe our eyes

Like a giant pimple or blackhead the lump is getting

bigger and bigger.

Than it erupts

And with a splat the foetus lands on the Shrinks face.


The Shrink tumbles and and falls back striking his head against

a coffee table.

And judging by all the blood and brain tissue

I am  fairly sure that he is dead.


The foetus runs around the room like a demented chucky

Attached to what looks like a bungee rope.

Than i realise that it must be an umbilical cord

I scream at the top of my lungs

And the foetus springs back into my body

Like a cord of a vacuum cleaner.


My screams have probably been heard five miles away

The Receptionist and my parents rush into the room

I quickly pull my shirt back down

Then they see the Psychologist on the floor


I tell that we were just talking

When he went all white clutching at his chest.

Than he fell back hitting his head on the coffee table.


The Receptionist calls the police

And after they check the scene and ask me questions

I am told that i am free to go home

I sure am glad to get out of there


At home i go straight to my room

And lay face up on my bed.

I lift up my shirt and wait.

And soon enough the foetus pokes his head out


He looks out at me

Then squirms out onto my chest

Than the foetus starts to talk Thanks for all the scratching

and rubbing’

‘You brought me to life and i will never forget it’

‘What is your name brother?’


Than the foetus starts to yawn.

He tells me that he is going to have a snooze

So he crawls back inside.


I just lay there thinking.

Than i go out to the garage to get a roll of duct tape

Maybe if i can cover up the hole the foetus will suffocate?


Back in my room i apply the duct tape

Than i to decide to have a snooze

And hopefully when i wake up the foetus will be dead.


But after a while i feel the duct tape being pulled away from

the hole.

‘You will have to do better than that Brett

I can breathe through your skin and from your mouth and

your nose

‘I can even breathe from your pee hole and arsehole’


I dont know what to do

Maybe i should ask my parents to cut it out with a knife?

Or call a priest to perform an exorcism?

Maybe if i take a bath the foetus will drown?

So i fill the bath tub with water

And i climb right in.


A few bubbles come from the hole in my side

Than the foetus comes out and dives into the water

And proceeds to swim back stroke


Nice try Brett nice try’


Than the foetus climbs up onto my stomach

Reaches back and grabs hold of my little shrivelled dick

‘That was your last chance Brett

If you try to destroy me again

I will rip this thing off

And ram it down your throat’


Than the foetus tries to climb back into the hole

But he want fit

Than for the first time i notice that he put on a lot of weight


‘Looks like i am staying out here from now on

And do you know why Brett?’

And he holds up the umbilical cord


‘Every time that you eat most of the nutrients will enter

my bloodstream

‘I will grow bigger and bigger

Than i will take over your body completly’


‘No’ I scream at the top of my lungs

Before i can stop them my parents race into the bathroom

My father goes to say ‘What in the fuck?’

When the foetus springs out and grabs a pair of Scissors

from the vanity

And stabs my father in the left eye

My mother is hysterical and screaming to the heavens

The foetus clamps onto her throat

And rips it out.


I am hyperventilating i can barely function

But i have the presence of mind to grab the scissors

Then i grab hold of the umbilical cord and make eye contact

with the foetus standing on the vanity.


‘Dont do it Brett

If you cut the cord both of us will die

Is that what you wont Brett?


Again i dont know what to do

I cant think straight.

I look down at the scissors and start to squeeze


Will i cut the cord?

Will we both die?


The answers will be revealed

But you will have to come back and read

Part Two.

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