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In part four

Mawkin the ruler of all the scarecrows had just moved

into a shack on the edge of Wangaratta Victoria.

A shack previously owned by his long time protaginist


Who Mawkin defeated after an epic battle.


Mawkin was feeling lonely one night

So he sat on his front porch pulls down his pants and starts

to Masterbate.

His scarecrow seed was carried by the wind all the way into

Wangaratta and surrounds.

And 142,349 females unlucky enough to be outside at that

moment are impregnated by the evil seed.


Mawkin was visited by Pinnoch

The son of Hylan and his human rape victim.

Pinnoch was the first homo scarecrowian born on Earth.


38,492 black crowes descend on both Mawkin and Pinnoch

And they are soon overwelmed  by the black birds.

Now Mawkin and Pinnoch are nothing more than a pair of garden


Now they will guard Hylans garden until the end of time.


The finale

In Wangaratta and in the surrounding towns and hamlets

142,349 pregnant females are still in a state of disbelief

It has been six months since Mawkin ruler of all the

scarecrows masterbated into the wind impregnating  the

females with his evil seed.


The 142,349 females have no idea how they became pregnant.

Most of them were using contraceptives and yet they were

still impregnated.

Even the virgins couldn’t escape the scarecrow sperm.


So naturally tongues started to wag

Married women were with child while their husbands were away.

While their boyfriends were working in the mines or in the vineyards

Somehow their girlfriends become pregnant.

Even at the local convent 24 nuns are carrying the scarecrow seed.

They all pray to God for forgiveness but he doesn’t seem to be


They lock the doors and close all the windows.

But it is way too late an dark force has already invaded their sanctuary.


In a secluded shack on the edge of Wangaratta

On the very edge of existence

Two scarecrows are guarding a vegetable garden.

One is Mawkin the dead ruler of all the scarecrows

The other is Pinnoch the first homo scarecrowian born on Earth


If you look closely at Mawkin’s face you will see a little smirk

Even though he is longer with us Mawkin is feeling happy with


His toss off into the wind is having the desired effect.


The people in and around Wangaratta are still fighting amongst


Accusations are flying left right and centre

The husbands and boyfriends crowd all the pubs and bars.

Their wives and girlfriends deny any infidelity

But 142,349 females are pregnant so who is doing the dirty?


Back at the vegetable garden

Mawkin and Pinnoch are having an out of body communication

They are both still dead to the World

They are waiting for the right sequence of events and they will once

again breathe.

They will wait for a million years if they have to.


The 142,349 females know that they aren’t having a normal pregnancy

There isnt any kicking or movement from the unborn.

None of them experience any morning sickness.

But they have had all of the scans and ultra sounds

And nothing unusual shows up.


But they know that everything isn’t normal.

The 142,349 females know that they should have aborted

But it is way too late now.


High up in the mountains above Wangaratta is a large dormant


Nearby a black crow is sitting high up in a tree.

He knows that a calamity is about to take place.

And only the black crow’es can stop it.


For over three hours that black crow screeches and caw’s into

the night.

All over Victoria one million black crow’es listen to the signal

They are all prepared and ready to fight.


On the morning of 2nd October 2016

Most of the pregnant females start to make their way to the

nearest hospital

But the 24 nuns stay where they are away from prying eyes.


All of the hospitals are swamped.

the hospital staff have never seen anything like it


The females are sent to hospitals all over the State

From Wangaratta to Ballarat Bendigo and Sheperton

All the way down to Warrambool

And every hospital in between


Up in the mountains near the dormant volcano

Over one million black crow’es have gathered

They fly around the crater of the volcano in an anti

clockwise direction.

They fly faster and faster  getting tighter and tighter until

they form a funnel.

Like a huge black crow tornado.


The black crow’es fly even faster

And the lid of the crater cracks and opens

Molten lava is drawn up from the Earths core.

And for the first time in 20 thousand years the volcano is active


Than one by one the black crow’es fly off to all corners of the State

Soon most of the hospitals and a small convent

Will be inundated by an army of one million black crow’es

Their objective?

Destroy and kill 142.349 homo scarecrowian babies that are born.


All of the black crow’es are in position

They circle the hospitals and the convent waiting for the cry of a new born

Than they will spring into action.


At Wangaratta base hospital a scream rings out’Get this fucking thing out of


The doctors and nurses exchange nervous glances

This isn’t a happy mother

They will have to be on guard.


At the convent the 24 nuns are all in labour

1000 black crow’es are outside waiting for the first cry

The priests are rubbing their rosary beads praying to God

Whispering words like the Devil and the second coming of Lucifer.


Than it happens

The black crow’es hear a tiny whimper and fly straight threw the

windows and doors

And converge onto the stunned 24 nuns and medical staff.

The 24 new born babies dont stand a chance

The black crows pluck out the eyes and sever the vocal chords

And those 24 homo scarecrowians are carried off.


The 24 nuns are still too stunned to speak

But at the same time they are relieved

Those abominations are gone from their lives

Now they can just go back to being a normal nun again


All over the State of Victoria

Every hospital both public and private are steamrolled by the

invading black crow’es.

Who smash their way in and grab the new born from the arms of

the mothers

Once again they remove the eyeballs and sever the vocal chords

And 120.910 baby homo scarecrowians are carried away.


That still leaves 21,415 new born homo scarecrowians out there

somewhere still alive.


The black crow’es will never give until every last one of those babies

are killed.

They search from town to town from house to house.

And they want stop searching until their mission is complete.


A lot of the pregnant females couldn’t get to a hospital

They are forced to deliver their babies at home.

But that doesn’t deter the black crow’es

They fly to every house in every one horse town

Smashing their way inside and carting off the new born

In some cases the mothers had thrown their babies out into the


Knowing that what they just gave birth to sure as fuck wasn’t human.


All up they locate 21,400 new born

But that still leaves 15 of those new born monsters out there

15 homo scarecrowians who could breed and wipe out human



The black crow’es use all of their hunting skills

And 2 days later the surviving new born’s are located  in a private

sanctuary down near Warrambool.


Those 15 survivors aren’t living and breathing.

They haven’t been born yet

Maybe they have heard about the slaughter all over the State.

And they are staying put.


The black crow’es are waiting and circling outside

While the husbands and boyfriends crowd the waiting room

But those 15 stragglers are coming out anytime soon.


After waiting for over 10 hours

The black crow’es just cant wait no more

So they storm the sanctuary like winged commamdo’s

And than they do the unthinkable

They crawl inside the vaginas and physically remove the babies

And they to are carried away.


142,349 female Victorians all breathe a collective sigh of relief

They are now free from the abominations

So they can now go back to their normal lives


Up near Wangaratta

One million black crow’es are converging on to the now active volcano

142,349 baby homo scarecrowians are carried to the edge.And after circling

a few times.

The 142,349 babies are dropped one by one into the molten lava.


Than the one million black crow’es go back to being normal birds again.

Their mission is now complete.

The world is free from homo scarecrowian.


Back at Hylan’s old shack on the edge of town

Mawkin and Pinnoch the dead scarecrows

Are no longer smirking and smiling

In fact their smiles have been turned upside down.


They are both hit by the down draft from the wings of the black


And their frowns are now frozen in place.

They have been turned to stone


So now and forever more they will be nothing more than ugly

garden ornaments.

And you can bet that all the birds in the neighbourhood will be

shitting all over them.

Especially the freedom fighting black crow’es.



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