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In Part One of this story i told you about a princess that lives

up Cessnock way.

She is princess Tanya AKA The pop tart princess.

Tanya is called the pop tart princess because she has a fondness

for sugar and well pop tarts.

Tanya believes that pop tarts and sugar are part of a food group.

And princess Tanya has an even greater fondness.

One day she heard a scared bleat coming from the scrub near her


She investigated and discovered a goat cowering and frightened.

Hiding from her cruel master.

Princess Tanya took the abused goat home.

And she gave that goat all of her love and affection.

She fed that goat and looked after it 24/7.

The goat and the pop tart princess were soon inseparable.

After about a month the goat and has begun to settle.

The pop tart princess gave the goat a big hug.

And named her Gretel.

Is this a fairy tale ?

Will they live happily ever after?

Part Two

Tanya the pop tart princess isn’t a real princess you know.

Her parents aren’t the king and queen of a nation.

And her family doesn’t live in a castle.

Tanya is a princess in another way.

With little fuss she goes about feeding her collection of cats and dogs

And of course the latest addition Gretel the goat.

All of the animals look up at her in wonder.

They know that they are in a special place.

As they gobble down their food they say a little prayer and a God bless.

Because to them Tanya is a real princess.

Early the next morning Tanya is having a breakfast of a dozen pop tarts

and a bowl of sugar lol

And smoking a cigarette as the sun begins to rise.

With a last bite and a final puff she goes out to check on her four legged


She notices that Gretel has a swollen belly.

So she is straight on the phone to the vet.

The pop tart princess would die if anything happened to her new pet.

But Tanya knows that she is being silly

There is nothing wrong with Gretel.

She is pregnant of course.

The vet arrives and he soon confirms Tanya’s prognosis.

And there is an added bonus.

Gretel isnt only pregnant not only with one kid

She is having twins.

Princess Tanya’s heart melts and fills with joy.

She is going to be a grandmother of a girl and a boy.

The pop tart princess celebrates with a tasty sweet treat.

Then she starts to prepare for the birth.

Maybe she can convert the spare room into a nursery?

And paint it pink and blue.

But Goats dont belong inside a house

Gretel would probably eat everything but the kitchen sink

Plus goats exactly known for their table manners

No Gretel will be comfortable enough in her enclosure out

near the garden shed.

It has been a long day so Tanya smokes one last cigarette

And toddles off to bed.

A few months later and the big day is here.

Gretel is ready to give birth.

She is having bad contractions and bleats out in pain.

Princess Tanya whispers words of encouragement

And Gretel responds with an almighty push.

A tiny head emerges followed by a slimy little body.

And a tiny female kid goat slides onto the straw.

Five minutes later and her twin brother joins her in this world.

Gretel the dutiful mother smiles and licks her offspring clean

And princess Tanya is happier than she has ever been.

The two kid goats are named Lola and Zephr

And they light up Tanya’s life

She cares for them like they are her own children.

She would do anything for her goats

Than mother nature hands Tanya a curse

And princess Tanya’s life takes a turn for the worse.

She is playing with her goats in the backyard.

When she notices that little Zephr has gone missing

He must have found a way through the back fence.

Princess Tanya calls out yelling his name.

But from Zephr there is no sound.

Maybe the council ranger has mistaken Zephr as a dog

And has taken him to the  local pound?

But deep down in her heart princess Tanya knows that Zephr

isn’t coming home.

After the yard and surrounds with no success.

Zephr is finally located out the back near his enclosure.

And there isn’t any good news.

He is laying on the ground and he isn’t breathing.

On closer inspection it looks like Zephr has been bitten by a


Princess Tanya cries a river as her heart begins to break.

The following days and weeks are nothing but a blur.

Princess Tanya is barely functioning.

She is living her life on auto pilot.

Gretel and Lola dont understand what is happening.

Why doesn’t Zephr answer their calls?

They run up and down the fence bleating for him to come home.

Gretel frets for her son while Lola really misses her twin brother

Zephr was an original a one of a kind.

And there will never be another.

Eventually life goes back to some sort of normal.

Princess Tanya gets her weekly delivery of a pallet of pop tarts

In a dozen different flavours.

And in the last few weeks or so a mystery benefactor

Has been leaving assorted vegetables and greens out near the front


Maybe the benefactor is a modern day Robin Hood?

Who takes from the greengrocer and gives to the good

Princess Tanya is out in the sun with her goats.

And there has been an addition to her family.

Princess Tanya has adopted another goat.

A little rascal she has named Alfie.

And it looks like Gretel’s belly has a little swell.

And maybe little Lola as well.

Than the screen door slams shut

And Tanya’s cattle dog Zahli and her cat Otis come out to join the


Princess Tanya gives all of her animals a great big hug.

In Tanya’s house love is all that you need.

Than she gathers her animals up nice and close and takes a selfie.

Princess Tanya might be money poor.

But in her heart she is very wealthy.

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