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I am on the holiday of a lifetime cruising around the  Indonesian


I cant believe how beautiful and sunny it is.

Everyone is sitting around having some lunch talking and enjoying

the scenery.

When out of the corner of my eye i notice a speed boat approaching.

I dont think too much about until it gets closer

Than the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.

On board the boat are four men wearing military uniforms.

Carrying what looks to be AK47 rifles.


Before i can even shout out a warning the pirates start to shoot

across the bow.

People start running around screaming in panic.

Than a grappling hook comes over the side.

I know i only have a few seconds to find a weapon.

A steak knife even a piece of wood.

But there is nothing.

Than the pirates start shooting at the tourists.

People are falling like dominoes

Blood and gore is flying everywhere.

Luckily i am standing right near the opposite gunwale.

So i just slip over the side into the water.

Hopefully the pirates wont notice or hear the splash.

I am soon joined by seven other survivors.

We float right up against the cruise boat so we want be seen

While up above our fellow holiday makers are slaughtered.

Soon all the cries and screams die down

As the pirates go from body to body stealing and looting.

They empty wallets and handbags  and rip jewellery from fingers.

All that murder and mayhem for a few lousy dollars.

After they have done the dirty the pirates jump into their speed

boat and race away.

Maybe it is not too late to climb aboard and check for any survivors

And get onto the radio and send a mayday for help.

But the arsehole pirates have damaged the hull and the boat is sinking


After only a couple of minutes the stern points to the sky.

And our cruise boat sinks to the bottom.

The ocean fills with bullet riddled bodies.

And their blood leaves a dark red stain.

The eight of us look on stunned.

All we wanted was to have a great vacation

Now we are surrounded by our dead colleagues.

Than i see a huge dorsal fin holy crap SHARKS.

We need to get away from the bodies as fast as we can.

So we don’t get caught up in the feeding frenzy.

Lucky for us a cooler and a few life jackets float to the

surface right near us.

So i grab a cooler while a few of the others put on the

life jackets.

Soon two of the others join me hanging onto the cooler.

As we start to float away we notice an island in the distance

shrouded in a mist of mystery.

By the looks of it the island is about ten miles away.

That island is our only hope for survival.

So we swim towards it as fast as we can.

We slowly swim towards our goal.

But four of the other survivors have started to fall behind.

I scream at them to try and keep up.

But they have already drifted a hundred metres away.

I cant do anything for them.

All i can do is help the others reach the island.

We jettison the cooler and life jackets and start to swim unaided

Just as we are about to hit our limit

We reach the breakers and are washed up onto the beach.

Slowly we crawl up the sand until we reach the shelter of a huge

palm tree.

There we collapse completely exhausted.

Until hunger and thirst drives us to explore the island.

As we struggle through the jungle my companions introduce


One is a young British girl named Sally Richards.

While the other two are a married couple from New York.

Clive and Margot Barker.

Sally and i are just getting to know each other when she stumbles

and falls.

I look back thinking it was just a vine or a loose rock.

But it isn’t a vine or a loose rock  there is a large footprint in the dirt.

The print is about 16 inches wide and 2 inches deep.

To me it looks like the footprint of a very large lizard or bird.

Jesus have we landed in jurassic park?

But i keep my thoughts to myself as we continue our search.

As we get further into the interior the mist and the clouds hang heavy.

God i hope it rains it will squench our thirst.

And take the edge off our sunburn.

Sally’s face is all puffed up from her fall.

Her nose is bleeding and i am pretty sure that it is broken.

I just hope that the smell of the blood doesn’t attract the attention

of that very large lizard. or bird.

Than another smell hit’s my nose.

The smell of fresh water.

We all run to the source of the scent a large isolated lake.

As we drink our fill we start to relax and skylark around.

For a few minutes we can forget that we are stranded on a deserted

giant lizard infested island.

Sally hasn’t joined the festivities.

Her nose is now a deep purple colour and is bleeding worse than ever.

She is sitting all morose at the edge of the lake.

Than as she goes to dry off she is grabbed by a very large lizard.

Who has a hold on Sally’s face and it isn’t letting go.

The lizards saliva is dripping from its mouth like the devil’s sperm.

Sally’s face dissolves and she is torn to pieces and swallowed down.

That lizard is the size of a tank.

With an appetite of a carnivious elephant.

There is nothing we can do for Sally

All we can do is try to save ourselves from that reptile.

The lizard walks back and forth watching us with its dead black eyes.

Flicking its tongue out tasting the air.

Tasting our flesh.

The three of us swim to the centre of the lagoon.

Maybe the lizard will get bored and just wander off?

Or maybe lie down and have a three hour siesta?

But the lizard has other ideas

It just stands there at the edge of the lagoon giving us the death


Than it dives into the water like an olympic swimmer

And it is heading straight towards us.

Holy fuck.

We turn around and swim in the opposite direction.

It is only about thirty metres to the bank.

But it feels like a mile.

We dont dare look back

It is now a matter of life and death

As soon as we reach the bank we scramble out and run.

But Clive is grabbed by a foot.

His wife and i go back grab his arm and pull with all of our might.

And to our surprise the lizard lets go.

I look at that fucking lizard and i swear it is actually smiling.

Then i know what we are dealing with.

This lizard isnt an ordinary lizard it is a komodo dragon.

It’s saliva is full of deadly bacteria.

Clive is now a dead man walking only he doesn’t know it.

Soon his flesh will start to fester and putrify.

And the smell of his dying flesh will make it easy for the komodo

to follow us.

We move as fast as we can but Clive is delirious and fading fast.

And the stench is horrendous.

Clive knows that he is dying so he screams at us to’Get the fuck

out of here before that lizard comes back’

Margot is distressed but surprisingly calm.

She says goodbye to her husband and with a last ‘I love you’

We are gone.

And not a moment too soon.

The giant komodo storms out from the undergrowth.

And precedes to eat Clive alive.

His screams echo off the mountains and through the valley

Than they finally die down down.

Margot and i shiver with dread.

We are stuck on an island so there is nowhere to run.

But hopefully we can find someplace to hide until help arrives.

But i know that help isnt coming anytime soon.

Because nobody knows where we are.

But if we can make it back to the beach

We can make a fire or send an SOS from gathered rocks.

I know it is a long shot.

But somehow i just know we have to make it to the beach.

We both hear that komodo trampling through the trees

We try to escape but you cant out run a hungry komodo.

Margot is taken down hard and she struggles for her life.

But the komodo is to big and strong.

I try to save her but i know that it is useless.

And as i go to scramble away the komodo swings its head.

I jump back but i am a split second too late.

It nips me on the forearm but it is enough.

I stagger away but i know that my time is up.

My arm is already double its normal size and is starting to stink.

And it has turned a nasty yellow green purple colour.

I turn to face my adversary but i have no energy left.

My inner strength has been sapped away

I feel myself falling to my knees.

The komodo walks up to me grabs hold of my infested arm.

And it is ripped out of its socket.

But funnily enough i feel no pain i am resigned to my fate.

Limb by limb i am torn apart.

Then the komodo opens up my stomach and swallows my entrails

Like i am a human sausage sizzle.

I look at that komodo as it eats me bit by bit.

But i am kind of detached from the situation.

But i know one thing for sure.

Later today or first thing tomorrow.

I will have become nothing more than a steaming pile of komodo



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