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Part One

In the first instalment we learnt that my name is Brett Stevens

And i have just turned fourteen.

My parents told me that we had to have a talk.

I thought it was that TALK

And now i wish that it was.

What my parents told me came as a complete surprise.



My father showed me an x ray

It was an x ray of my chest taken a couple of years prior

when i had cracked a rib playing soccer.

I had a close look at that x ray and my mouth dropped open.

For attached to a bottom rib on my right side was what looked

like a tiny foetus.


My mother said that it was more than likely the foetus of my

twin brother.

And that when we were developing he died and somehow my body

absorbed him.


A dead baby was attached to my rib.

Over the following weeks i became obsessed with that foetus.

I began to rub that rib constantly.

My parents were concerned about my behaviour and they took

me to see a psychologist.

And while i was laying on his couch the foetus erupted out of

my body attached to a umbilical cord.


The psychologist jumped back in shock clutching his chest.

And he collapsed to the floor dead.

After doing the deed the foetus crawled back inside me.


A month or so after that i was having a bath with the foetus laying

on my stomach.

The foetus told me that when he gets a chance he will kill my

parents so he doesn’t have to share me with anyone.

‘No’ I scream

And that is exactly what the foetus wanted me to do.


My parents burst into the bathroom to see what all the noise was


Then they both notice the foetus and before they can scream.

The foetus springs forward with a pair of scissors.

And it murdered my parents.


I have had enough so i grab hold of that umbilical cord and go to

chew it in half.

The foetus tells me ‘Don’t do it Brett if you bite the cord both of us will



Part Two.

I dont know what to.

But eventually i release that cord and sit on the toilet seat numb with


I look at my parents laying on the bathroom floor in a pool of blood.

That fucking foetus is going to pay.

I phone the police and wait for them to arrive.


But what can i tell them?

That a foetus living inside my body killed my parents.?

They will think that i am crazy.

But it is too late now to back out the police are here.


I go to the front door and let them into my nightmare.

Two detectives walk in and i tell them that my parents are dead

in the bathroom.

One of the detectives stays with me while the other  one goes to

have a look.


Soon he returns with a bloody pair of scissors in a plastic baggie.

I used those scissors this morning so my fingerprints will be all

over them.

I am told to turn around than i feel a pair of handcuffs close over my


‘Okay son what happened here?

I start to tell them all about the foetus inside me.

But i decide to remain silent and i am led away.


On the road to the precinct all i can think about is my parents being

murdered by a deranged foetus.

How in the fuck is this happening?


Speaking of the devil just than that foetus emerges and crawls up onto

my chest.

Like a new born waiting for his mothers milk.

I am repulsed i cant believe that that evil foetus is part of me.

I look at that murderous piece of attachment.

And the shit hits the diaphram.

I grab hold of its umbilical cord and start to chew.


Before the cops notice that i have a reborn reborn companion i decide

to stop chewing.

Glad for the reprieve the foetus scurries back inside me.

And takes its cord with him.


I am held in custody overnight

And in the morning i am brought before a judge.

When she enters the courtroom we are all told to rise.

But it is hard to stand when your feet are shackled and your hands

are cuffed.

Plus orange isn’t really my colour.


A couple of sheriffs drag me to my feet and judge Coltrane speaks

‘Mr Stevens you are charged with two counts of murder how do you


‘Not guilty your honour’

Your plea has been entered you will remain in custody without bail

until your next hearing’

‘If you are found guilty by your peers i will be recommending the death



What? what ? what?

I haven’t killed anybody i cant stay quiet any longer ‘But your honour

i didn’t kill my parents’

‘My unborn twin brother did it his foetus erupted from my body and he

stabbed them with the scissors’


The courtroom fills with laughter and gasps of shock.

The judge has heard enough so she brings down her gavel ‘ Take the prisoner

away for  an immediate psychological examination’

‘This hearing is adjourned’


I am led away and taken back to my holding cell.

I cant believe that i am being charged with the murder of my parents.

Surely justice will prevail and i will be found innocent.


My cell door opens

And a doctor looking like person walks in and introduces himself as

Doctor Epstein.

And he starts to ask me questions that i dont really want to answer.

His moronic questions seem to go on forever.

I scream at him ‘I am telling you that i didn’t do it’

I lift up my shirt to show him the hole in my side

But there is nothing to be seen.

My skin is free from any sort of blemishes.

There isn’t even a mole.

I cant believe it.


The psychologist leans in for a closer look and i scream at him not

to get too close.


Just than an umbilical cord comes flying out and it wraps around

the doctors throat.

And the foetus drags him towards the opening.

The doctor struggles for his life but he cant fight off the foetus.


The doctors head disappears into my body cutting off his breathing

He continues to fight so i hold his head until he chokes to death.

His bowels release there contents and the cell fills with the smell

of shit.

I kick the doctor to the floor and smile at my partner in crime.

The foetus smiles back he really is my evil twin.


The foetus crawls up onto my shoulder until we are eye to eye.

Than we start to sort of meld and weld together until we are conjoined.

We keep on melding and welding until we have become a creature of the



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