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There are only two days to Christmas.

And as usual i have left my gift shopping to the last minute.

I race to the shopping centre buying everything by impulse.

After a few hours my credit has reached its limit.

Another year of Christmas has come to an end.


Arriving back at home i have a quick meal

Than it is time to start wrapping the gifts.

It takes a while but i finally locate a roll of sticky tape in

the bottom drawer.

I quickly wrap the presents and place them under the Christmas tree.


After i put the last present under the tree.

I notice that a tiny piece of sticky tape is stuck to my left thumb.

I don’t think too much about it.

I do some tidying up and run myself a bath.


As i wait for the water to fill.

I try to peel off that pesky piece of sticky tape.

But it want come off.

Try as i might that tape is stuck like super glue.

But i am sure that once i soak in the bath for a while it will

peel right off.


After soaking for five minutes i try once more to rid myself

from that tape.

It is only a tiny bit about 3 millimetres square so it is hard to get

on hold of.

I pull and pull but it is stuck fast.

I am still sure that it is nothing.

So if it is still there in the morning i will drive to the hospital

and have it removed.


When i wake up in the morning my left thumb is throbbing

That tiny piece of sticky tape has grown and it is now covering

the whole thumb.

Okay now it is time to have this tape removed.


As i drive towards the hospital that sticky is growing right before

my eyes.

It is now covering my left hand and heading up to my wrist.


After waiting for over an hour i am finally shown into the doctors


And in that hour that sticky tape has now almost reached my elbow.

I show the doctor my arm explaining about the sticky tape that seems

to be growing up my arm.

He gives me a look suggesting that i am a complete idiot ‘Not a problem

once we soak the your arm in a alcohol solution the tape will peel

right away’


After soaking my arm for a few minutes the doctor returns to complete

the procedure.

He has one look my my arm and says ‘That’s strange the tape hasn’t been

affected by the solution at all’

“If anything it seems to be growing further’


The doctor is right the sticky tape is now past my elbow and heading

towards my shoulder.

The doctor cuts my shirt away to examine the tape more closely

Than i am wheeled away for scans and x rays.


Before i know what is happening i am taken into an isolation room.

My clothes are removed and replaced with a hospital gown.

The doctor enters the room wearing a hazmat suit.

‘I am sorry to tell you but the sticky tape isn’t only growing externally

But it is also growing internally’

‘The tape is now permanently part of your arm’

‘And the only way to stop the tape invading the rest of your body is to

amputate your arm’


I know that sooner or later the sticky tape will cover the whole of my


But at the same time i don’t want to lose my arm.

I soon get a reprieve if you can call it that.

The sticky tape is growing so fast it is now past my shoulder.

And creeping up my neck.


I press the distress button to summon the nurse.

She runs in wearing one of those hazmat suits

I explain that i am worried about the sticky tape growing over

my neck and blocking my airways.

She reassures me that my breathing isn’t been affected.

The doctor enters the room and he notices that the sticky tape

is moving fast

It is now way too late to amputate my arm.

But i can see by the look on his face that he has some bad news.


He tells me that  the sample of the tape had been sent away for analysis

and the results are back ‘The people in the lab after running exhaustive

tests have come to the conclusion that the compounds in the tape don’t

match any known data bases.’


My head is spinning as i take in the doctors words.

Does that mean my body has been invaded by an alien being?

The doctor is still talking “The technicians also discovered a strange

bacteria growing on the sticky tape.And this bacteria is what is causing

the tape to grow”


The doctor is still yapping “People from the National Disease Control

Centre are on their way to examine you’

“So you will be kept in isolation to contain this bacteria so that it cant

spread and infect the human race”


Two orderlies enter the room

And with a nod from the doctor they handcuff both of my hands to the bed

Then without another word the doctor and the orderlies leave the room

Now i am sealed all alone in a isolation chamber with a bacteria from outer



And i know one thing for sure.

And that is once the people from the NDCC arrive i will be a dead man.

They will perform all sorts of tests probes and experiments.

Then i will be given a lethal injection and taken to a secret location and

buried in an unmarked location.


I cant let this happen.

So i will have to come up with a escape plan.

But first i will have to find a a way to get out of these cuffs.

As i contemplate the dilemma i realise the sticky tape has now

completely covered my whole body.


I lift up the hospital gown to check and my worst fears are confirmed

Where my genitals once were there is now nothing but a sticky tape mound

But i have more pressing matters at hand i can worry about my genitals



I wriggle my hands and the bacteria must have entered my head.

Because the sticky tape around my hands begins to unravel.

Giving me just enough room to slip the cuffs.

I am now free from the restraints but i am still locked in a sealed chamber.

But there is one thing that i have learnt.

Never under estimate the power of the sticky tape.

From my head down to my toes the tape starts to unravel.

Layer by layer it peels away taking my skin bones organs and DNA with it.



The sticky tape travels down corridors stairwells and bathroom stalls until it

finds a way out into the sunlight.

The sticky tape is carried on the wind and i feel myself floating through the air.

Than the tape starts to rotate and cell by cell bone by bone and organ by

organ i am slowly being reconstructed.


I find myself standing completely naked in what looks like a cave.

Man it is cold i could really need to find some clothes.

And than get the fuck out of here.

At least i am now free from that sticky tape

Hopefully it has gone back to where it came from.


I decide to explore the cave and hopefully find some sort of clothing.

After a few minutes trying to find a way out i see a shaft of light coming

from around the corner of the cave.


I race towards the light but i soon pull up short.

Because blocking the exit is a giant ball of sticky tape.

It is pulsating and glowing and i am being drawn to it like a moth to a flame.


I walk forward.


What will happen next?

To find out out the answer to that question you will have to come back and

read Part Two.

It is that simple.


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