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Up in the arctic circle the polar bear is in a whole lot of trouble.

Winters are getting shorter and the temperature is rising.

And the pack ice is melting at an alarming rate.

And pack ice is essential if the polar is to hunt and survive.

If the polar bear can’t hunt and feed than that would be be end of the polar bear.

Do we really want to live in a world with no polar bear?

Well that is a real possibility if we don’t stop global warming right now.

But global warming isn’t the only threat facing the arctic circle right now

A rogue male polar bear named Frank is causing havoc with the animal population.

Word is spreading fast about this bear of many moods.

They call him cranky franky frank the tank and other names i can’t mention here.

And quite frankly the other animals have had enough.

At the moment Frank is feeling a little bit down.

In fact he is at the depth of despair.

You see Frank Frank is manic depressive or bi-polar as it is called these days.

He has found refuge in an old abandoned innuit igloo on the edge of the feeding


Frank hasn’t eaten in days because he can’t work up the energy to get out of bed

All because of a short circuit deep inside his brain.

Frank was the biggest polar bear in the area and could have had the pick of any female that he wanted.

If only the had the energy to venture outside.

Frank has no idea that his fat reserves are at a dangerously low level.

And if he doesn’t eat soon he will starve to death.

He has a look at the sleet falling outside rolls over and is soon fast asleep.

In the morning Frank feels like he could fly.

He jumps out of bed combs his fur sprays deodorant under his paw pits has a look in the mirror and goes outside.

He is ready for some serious polar bear action.

A female polar bear notices Frank standing outside his igloo looking skinny and desperate.

Like a boxer that has fought ten rounds and is slowly losing the fight.

The female has heard all about Frank and his moods so she gathers up her cubs heads to the hills.

Well there aren’t any hills in the arctic circle but she heads toward them anyway.

Because who knows what mood Frank is in today.

Frank cant help but notice the startled look on the females face.

Surely his moods haven’t been that bad?

But deep down Frank knows that lately he hasn’t been a very nice bear.

It is like living on the string of a yoyo up and down up and down.

Frank is getting dizzy because his moods are swinging so fast.

And he can’t control them.

A couple of days later Frank is moping about his igloo when an inner voice tells him that he really needs to eat.

So Frank works up the courage puts a smile on his face and goes outside to hunt.

And he is in luck.

Close to his igloo over a hundred walrus are relaxing on the ice digesting their lunch of fish and squid.

Frank sneaks up behind the walrus like a cat stalking a mouse.

But because he is way out of practise Frank bumbles and stumbles and the walrus

slip into the water turn around and flip Frank the bird.

Frank is ashamed of himself.

He is a polar bear so why can’t he behave like one?

Up here he is supposed to be on top of the food chain but at the moment he would struggle yo catch a cold.

Frank wanders back home with his tail between his legs.

Another day has gone by without him consuming any food.

This can’t go on much longer.

Frank is semi conscious in his igloo oblivious to a blizzard raging outside.

The wind is whipping up all sorts of muck and trouble

It also stirs up a patch of lichen and carries it off into the night.

And as luck would have it the lichen is blown straight into Franks igloo.

And a few pieces land on Franks tongue.

Frank coughs and splutters and swallows the lichen down.

Through out the night as Franks body digests the lichen his hormones regulate and go back on an even keel.

And in the morning Frank wakes up feeling refreshed having slept like a new born cub.

Frank is now back to his normal self.

The female bears are keeping him company once again.

And he is catching enough seals and walrus to feed the whole group.

Plus everyday he walks to a lichen patch to get his daily medication.

All is good in the world.

Frank the polar bear is controlling his mood swings completely unaware that his species

is under threat of extinction.

His enviroment is shrinking at an alarming rate.

All because of the activities of another species.

Homo sapians.

But knowing people like i do.

Nothing will get done until it is way too late.

Politicans will talk and talk until they are blue in the face

It will take them years to come to a decision.

And as people talk global warming will continue to decimate species and the ice will continue to melt.

It is now time for action.

Because it we don;t it will not only mean the extinction of the polar bear but the beginning of the end of mankind.

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