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On the evening of the 20th March 2019 ten north Korean agents enter the united states through the Canadian border.

They haven’t travelled to the states to visit Disneyland or to see the sites of new York city.

Instead they are on a secret mission on the orders of their supreme leader Kin Jong-in.

Their mission is to create havoc and bring the united states of America to its knees.

1st March north korea

In the capitol Pyongyang Kim Jong-in is seething at the world and in particular president trump.

Since the U N imposed sanctions on his rogue nation he has struggled to keep his nuclear programme on schedule.

Plus he is loathe to fire any missiles at the united states directly,because he knows that trump will retaliate with his so called “fire and fury’.

So Jong-in has decided to attack by slealth and if he is successful president trump and his fellow Americans will be brought to their knees.

In a secret facility just outside of the capitol a young female scientist is hard at work developing a protein that that enzyme that will cover water molecules with a coating that will make it impossible foe people to ingest.

And after six months of working around the clock she believes that she has finally found the correct formula to satisfy the supreme leader.

The enzyme named MLD226 is now in the hands of the agents who have just infiltrated the USA ready to deliver fire and brimstone.

Those agents have split up and are on route to all corners of the states with each carrying a satchel full of MLD226.

Just a few drops of MLD226 is enough to poison a million gallons of water and after a week of crisscrossing the country fouling the waterways the agents mission is complete and they return home.

The MLD226 multiplies fast and in only a week it has flowed and seeped into every river creek and dam.

Now no American is safe and soon they will suffer a life worse then death

The Korean agents arrive home expecting a hero’s welcome and they are delighted when they are summoned to the supreme leaders lavish mansion.

Each of them is awarded the highest honour a medal declaring them hero’s of the people.

They drink champagne and eat food they have never tasted before and they hold their chests out as they shake the hand of their supreme leader.

But an hour later Kin Jong-in orders them arrested and the agents are driven to a field where they are blindfolded and shot by a firing squad and buried in an unmarked grave.

Now the secret of MLD226 is safe except for a young female scientist.

In Chicago Nancy Jones a vibrant 30 year old school teacher has just finished an intense workout at her local gym.

Nancy is desperate is lose weight and get in shape for her upcoming wedding and she is happy with the results so far.

She has a quick shower than sits on a bench to check her messages and have a drink of water.

She drinks her water bottle but is still thirsty so she refills it from a water cooler  and takes a long swallow but still she is thirsty so Nancy once again fills her bottle but after drinking she is even more parched.

So Nancy sits on the floor beneath the water cooler and drinks straight from the tap but after drinking a few gallons of water Nancy is feeling bloated but she cant stop drinking.

Nancy knows that she is in mortal danger but still she drinks,but her bladder can’t handle the volume of water and it bursts leaving Nancy Jones to die a slow agonising death.

All over the nation many Americans are experiencing similar symptoms of a persistant thirst that they cant squench.

The population drink glass after glass of water but are still thirsty

MLD226 is already starting to have a deadly effect.

People soon start to panic and break into stores in a desperate search for untainted water.

Supermarkets are stampeded as people drink water straight off the shelves.

But no matter how much they drink Americans all over their country cant quench their eternal thirst.

Soon the streets reek with the smell of urine as the population slowly dies from extreme dehydration

Hospitals and medical centres are over flowing as people seek a remedy for their relenting thirst.

But the doctors don’t know what  they are dealing with so their treatment has no effect to stop their fellow Americans from dying at a rapid rate.

The rivers and creeks soon fill with the bodies of people trying to drink the precious water but as their bodies start to decompose they have unknowingly made a deadly situation even worse.

On the Canadian and Mexican borders the authorites are stretched to the limit as they try to stop the exodus from the USA.

They don’t know why people are fleeing in panic from their homeland and one Canadian border guard fires his rifle to try calm the people but all he achieves to total mayhem as the people stampede across the borders.

Thousands of Americans have reached safety but millions of their countrymen are still in peril.

In the white house president trump is on twitter as he tries to find out what is killing his subjects.

For hours he sends tweet after tweet until that little blue bird refuses to tweet anymore.

He throws his cell phone away in disgust ‘How am I supposed to save my fellow Americans if I can’t tweet?’

He is interrupted in in is thoughts as the Director of the CIA storms into his office’Mr President you have to do something people are dying by the thousands and their in panic on the streets they need to see some leadership’

‘You need to address the nation and send in the national guard until we find out what is causing this disaster’

Trump runs his fingers through his hair ‘But Director what the fuck is going on? What is causing people to die in the streets?

Mr President we believe that some sort of contaminent has been added to the water supply’

‘And as we speak samples have been sent to the Centre of Disease Control for analysis so hopefully we will have an answer soon’

In north korea Li Lee Yum the young female scientist who developed MLD226 has also been summoned by the supreme leader.

She says goodbye to her fellow workers knowing that she might not make it back to work alive.

She is nervous because the supreme leader kidnapped her entire family a few months ago to give her even more incentive to complete her task.

And so she is hoping that her parents and her older brother are waiting for her when she arrives at the palace.

But when she arrives there is no sign of them as she is greeted by her supreme leader who shakes her hand ‘Welcome comrade Yum you have made your country very proud and it is my honour to present you with the medal of heroism’

As the supreme leader pins the award to her chest her eyes are drawn to a huge screen behind her leader.

CNN is broadcasting the latest news from the USA.

Her eyes widen in shock as she listens to the reporter telling the world that over two million Americans have lost their lives to dehydration

There is total chaos from coast to coast as  the population tries to quench the never ending thirst.

Li Lee Yum is grateful that her leader cant see her reaction as she watches the scenes from America.

She knew that when she was working on MLD226 that she was doing wrong but she also knew that she had little choice in the matter.

Because if she refused her supreme leader she and her family would have been executed on the spot

Plus Li Lee Yum is also guarding another secret.

She told the supreme leader that when MLD226 was being developed that the effects to the water in the USA would be permanent that there was no antidote but that was a lie.

Because within a month the water in America should return to normal as MLD226 starts to breakdown and dissolve.

So Li Lee Yum knows that she will have to find her family and escape north korea before the supreme leader finds out that she deceived him

At the Centre for Disease Control the director of the facility has his team of scientists working around the clock working on finding out what is fouling the water.

A few days later he is sitting at his desk when his phone rings

He listens as the lead scientist tells him that they have identified some elements of the enzyme that is poisoning the water

And that one element in particular,Omega 10, was originally found in north korea back in the 70’s.

The Director ends the call and immediately notifies the President.

In the oval office President Trump hangs up his phone and calls an emergency meeting.

Millions of his fellow Americans are dead and millions more might never recover from this act of terrorism.

And even though his recent phone call from the Director of the Disease Control Centre told him told north korea might be involved.

President Trump knows deep in his heart that his suspicions have been confirmed.

And when he gets the evidence he needs to bring the perpetrator to justice.

Then he will send the ‘little rocket man’ to a place hotter than hell

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