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Plop plop plop plop plop plop.’What in the fuck is that noise?’ an angry figure mutters when he is awoken from a restless slumber.

Opening a weary eye he is astounded to see what appears to be a dead man strapped to a chair in a bathroom a mere ten foot away.

The source of the sound is the victims blood dripping onto the tiles before running down the drain.

After pinching himself to make sure that he is actually awake and not dreaming the figure jumps out of bed and approaches the man careful not to step in the blood.

After checking that the man is actually deceased the figure suddenly realises that the killer could still be in the room but after a quick search he finds that he is alone in the room.

Except for the bloodied dead man strapped to a chair that is.

The figure goes over to the bathroom sink to wash the dead mans blood from his hands when he notices that his finger nails are caked with dried blood and the front of his shirt is smeared.

Plop plop plop plop plop plop.

The killer knows that he needs to get the fuck out of this place so he gathers his few belongings and walks over to the front door to see if anybody is hanging about but a tinny voice in his ear stops him in his tracks “I trust that you have taken care of business agent omega?’

‘Leave the scene immediately and don’t worry about leaving any of your DNA behind because a cleaning crew will arrive shortly and remove any evidence of you ever being in that room’

‘But remember agent omega that if you ever feel the urge to betray me or my organization the transistor that I had implanted in your skull will explode causing instant death’

‘You have done your nation a tremendous service today agent omega, General Holtsteader signing out.’

Agent omega leaves the motel room in a flurry hoping to escape from the voice in his head and to find out who he is, why he killed a man with his own hands.

As he trudges down the street trying to get his bearing he rubs his hands over his head to locate the transistor but the search proves fruitless’

Omega knows that he needs to find General Holtsteader and bring him down and have the implanted device removed.

‘Excuse me but are you alright?’

Omega stops at the sound of the voice and finds himself looking at a women around 30 years of age looking at him quizzically.

‘Sorry I am having a bit of a brain fade could you tell me exactly where I am”

‘Sure, you are on 43rd street heading toward Lincoln Plaza’

‘Um yeah but what city are we talking about?’

‘Why the windy city of course, Chicago Illinois’

Omega thanks the lady and slinks away to find somewhere to gather his thoughts and grab a bite to eat.

The lady watches her target disappear around than she follows at a safe distance because she knows what he is capable of.

It was no accident that she happened to run into Kevin Wayne Goodman killer , assassin, call him what you will but he would kill anybody if the price was right.

With a quick to make sure that no one noticed the exchange with omega Agent Irena Goblinsky sets off after the man who could either kill her in a heartbeat or help her stop a global meltdown.

Omega finds a café and takes a seat facing the door.

He orders a couple of bagels and a coffee than realises that he has no idea whether he has any money to pay for his brunch.

After a quick search of his pockets he finds $10,000 in his coat, undoubtedly supplied by the mysterious General Holtsteader.

And to his surprise he also locates a cell phone which to his frustration is ‘locked’ and therefore useless.

The cute waitress places his food in front of him and for a while Omega forgets about his troubles and he digs in with relish.

‘Why fancy seeing you again, do you mind sharing a table?’

Omega looks over at least seven empty tables but he gestures for the lady who helped him to take a seat.

The Russian agent is afraid and anxious because even though Omega might look like Jason Bourne but in a lot of ways he is more like Hannibal Lector.

‘Sorry to intrude on your meal but this is my favorite café in Chicago and I really need a caffeine fix.’

They talk about the weather, baseball, just making small talk like two complete strangers do.

Agent Goblinsky is just about to get down to the real reason she is in Chicago when she notices a glazed expression on the killers face.

‘Agent Omega the person you are talking to is a Russian spy terminate her immediately by any means available she is a danger to the security of our nation’

‘Once you have done your duty make your way to O’Hare airport where one of my men will meet you and take you to safety’

Without warning Omega lunges forward and seizes Goblinsky by the head and repeatedly slams it onto the table, fortunately the waitress and after staff members intervene.

Seeing that he is outnumbered Omega runs from the establishment where he soon gets lost in the in the morning rush.

Goblinsky is bleeding profusely from a dozen cuts and will probably have a nasty headache for a week but she is a trained agent with a mission to complete so she shrugs off the concern of the bystanders and she to enters the street of pain bloody but determined.

In his bunker just outside of New York City General Holtsteader gathers his loyal soldiers around ‘Listen up people the fucking Russians have somehow cottoned on to my plan to overthrow the government and install a communist system because democracy has run its course and the change is coming people are you behind me?’

Holtsteader’s chest puffs out with proud as the twenty renegades applaud and cheer their leader.

Amongst them is a young Chinese American named Lee Wang who if things go as planned will soon turn the world on its axis.

Sitting in the back of the bunker silently watching proceedings Glenn Blackhawk a native American from Idaho is growing increasingly concerned with the General’s radical views.

The last thing America needs is a communist government so he needs to stop Holtsteader before anarchy rules.

He and Agent Omega were friends back in the academy when they were both greenhorns with a passion of ridding America of drugs, violence and the need to stop Americans from murdering their fellow Americans with firearms of every description.

Unfortunately Omega went bad and committed the ultimate crime many times over and paid the price having spent over eight years in jail but now he is back on the streets under the control of the General.

If there is one man to stop the General it is Omega so Blackhawk creeps over to the computer showing the live feed from the transistor in Omega’s head.

If he can only he could talk to Omega and let him know that he has a friend waiting in the wings to help eliminate the General before he can do irreparable harm.

Blackhawk needs to find a way to clear the bunker but all he can do at the moment is sabotage the live feed so Omega is invisible to the eyes of the General free to save America from itself.

Agent Omega is sitting in the back of a cab on the way to the airport not knowing if he killed the Russian or not.

He is surprised that General Holtsteader hasn’t been in touch and that is one thing to be glad of because the silence is golden.

Omega uses the silence to think in peace and it suddenly dawns on him that he needs to have the transistor removed so he can visit the General without him knowing because one thing is certain the General would blow him to kingdom come if he knew.

‘Let me out here driver, I will walk the rest of the way’

‘What the airport is 20 miles away’

‘I am not walking to the airport driver I am going to walk the road to redemption so be a good fellow and pull over’

Omega hands the driver a crisp one hundred dollar bill and climbs out ‘Keep the change and driver keep your mouth shut or I will visit you at home and shut it for you permentatly’

The shaken cab driver takes off like a bat out of hell before the crazy man can do him harm.

Back on the street Omega walk with his head down trying to blend in with the masses.

He is thinking about his next move when he feels the cell phone vibrating in his pocket ‘Hello who is this?’

‘Why did you try to kill me you asshole I am on your side’

‘I tried to kill you because you are a Russian spy meddling in American affairs’

‘Did the General tell you that? Just give me a few minutes and I will explain what is happening’

‘General Holtsteader is the leader of a splinter group determined to assassinate the president and replace him with a puppet Chinese president’

‘Are you with me so far Kevin?’

‘Kevin? Did you just call me Kevin?’

‘Yes your name is Kevin Wayne Goodman, a killer for hire who spent years in jail before Holtsteader gained your release to perform wet work for him so he can control the government from the inside’

‘So you really didn’t know your own name?”

‘I had no idea, I woke up this morning with a dead man strapped to a chair in my motel room’

‘Holtsteader has implanted a transistor in my head so he can control me and he said that if I double cross him he will blow me to smithereens’

‘But I haven’t heard from him for hours maybe I am out of range or something?’

‘Where are you now Kevin? Because we need to meet in person and come up with a plan to stop General Holtsteader’

Omega knows that he needs to trust someone sooner or later’ I don’t know what street I am on but I can see a Holiday Inn sign just up the road’

‘OK Kevin go inside to the bar and order a drink I will meet you there in ten minutes’

Ten minutes later the two adversaries are sitting in a booth ‘Sorry about your face it must hurt?’

‘Don’t worry about it only hurts when I blink’

‘Sorry again but before we start I have a couple of questions, who was the dead in the motel room and why is Russia involved in American domestic affairs?’

Firstly I don’t know the name of the man in your room but I am sure my colleagues will investigate the matter further in due course’

‘Secondly Kevin General Holtsteader is a very dangerous man who believes that democracy is no longer working for every day American’s and he wants to install a Chinese president to keep the people away from vices and take away their freedom of speech’

Kevin as you know Russia is not a fan of democracy but can you imagine what will happen if the red dragon has control over your nuclear capabilities and your reserve bank?

‘There would be riots on the streets in every city plus the world would be plunged into fiscal chaos knowing that the Chinese have their grubby little fingers on the red button’

‘But surely no one in America would vote for an Asian even if they are a naturalized citizen’,

‘Sure they would Kevin, don’t forget that the people put Reagan in the oval office back in the 80’s and now Donald Trump is president upsetting everyone with his tweets’

In New York city General Marcus Holtsteader is running out of patience, the live feed to the location of Agent Omega has gone on the blink and the IT specialist is having trouble fixing the problem.

He has posted extra security outside his bunker because the last thing he wants is to have Omega showing up unannounced.

Once the system is up and running again Holtsteader will ignite the transistor and the world will be rid of Agent Omega plus dead men tell no tales.

Agent Blackhawk knows that he is standing on very shaky ground so when everyone in the bunker is concentrating on the computer he put out of commission he slips from the room unnoticed.

But his exit didn’t go unseen because Lee Wang has been watching Blackhawk closely and he doesn’t like what he has seen, Blackhawk is trouble and trouble needs to be handled swiftly.

Agent Goblinsky you know my name but can you tell me where I come from?’

‘I can tell you that your parents were killed in a car accident near the family home in Fort Lauderdale Florida.’

You were only six years old at the time and spent years going from different foster homes and that is when General Hollister first entered your life’

‘He owned a huge ranch outside the city where he housed and trained dozens of boys to become elite soldiers because even back then he had visions of becoming a man with total control’.

‘But when you were eighteen you escaped his compound which he named The Academy.’

You escaped when you were eighteen but as soon as you hit the streets trouble followed you around like a mangy dog’

At nineteen you committed your first murder and from that moment on the killing didn’t stop until you were arrested in 2010 and sentenced to death’

‘No one really knows how many people you killed or what your motive was but the tally is believed to be around 23’

‘At the Academy none of the other trainee’s knew your real identity to them you were just Omega another lost soul brought into line by the General’

Omega cant get his head around the fact that he is a serial killer.

He feels sad that he has inflicted so much pain on so many families but at the same he wouldn’t hesitate to plunge a knife into General Hlotsteader if the opportunity arises.

Donald Trump knows that his chances of still holding the office of the president of the united states until the next election are very slim so on the evening of 14 February 2020 he tweets one final time.

‘My fellow American it is with deep sadness that I tell that I am standing down as your preident’

My impeachment trial as you know is to be held next week and I tell you all now that I am guilty of some of the charges against me but I committed the crimes in the best interest of this great country and I wouldn’t hesitate to do the deed again if I thought it was for the best’

‘Goodbye my friends and lets keep this nation great’

Three months later.

General Holtsteader orders his limo driver to stop at the entrance to the west wing of the white house.

He strides inside like he owns the place and is greeted by the 46th president of the united states, Lee Wang.

The pair shake hands then the president gets right down to business ‘Thank you for coming in today General Holtsteader and it has been a pleasure doing business doing business with you and my masters in Beijing are very happy that I now sit in the oval office with complete power over the American people and the world at large’

Unfortunately for you General Holtsteader your usefulness has come to an end’

While he was addressing the General Wang had picked up his cell phone and now with an evil smirk Wang enters a four digit code’ ‘Goodbye General perhaps we will meet again in the next life’

Holtsteader can’t believe what he is hearing Why you motherfucking asshole what have you done?’

Those are the last words The General will utter because an artery in his brain explodes and he falls to the carpet .

President Wang sits on the ground next to his fallen comrade ‘Remember back at the Academy when you instructed the doctor to implant that transistor in the skull of Omega?Well the doctor also gave added a sedative to your coffee that day and while you slept he inserted a small capsule inside an ear up near your brain and when I entered a code on my cell an artery exploded causing stroke like symptom’s’

General Holtsteader exhales his last breath and dies a lonely broken man.

President Wang smiles in satisfaction and immediately phones home ‘Tell Premier Xi Jinping that now is the ideal time to release the virus’

Lets see how the world handles Corona and the consequences.

Wang sits behind his desk in the oval office not quite believing that his country has just pulled off the biggest coup in history with virtually no resistance.

Soon China’s plan for total control will enter its second phase.


Part two coming soon.

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