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‘For fuck sake i will gladly strap myself to the electric chair just to get away from all you dumb motherfuckers.’

‘The warden told that he would personally ensure that last meal on this godforsaken planet would contain every morsel of food that i asked for.’

‘I specifically asked for three cheeseburgers, large fries, six pieces of fried chicken a pan sized pepperoni pizza and a large coke to wash it down with but what do i get one lousy burger three chicken wings and a slice of pecan pie.’

‘Oh yeah and a can of fricking pepsi, if i wanted a motherfucking can of pepsi i would have asked for a can of motherfucking pepsi and where in the fuck is my motherfucking pizza?’

Robert Jenkins has been a guard at San Quentin for just on twenty years he has come across lots of mean nasty individuals and when they arrive on death row most of them calm accepting their but the prisoner in cell12 Elijah Pope is still a surly bastard even after nine years spent on death row and Jenkins even though he would never admit it is scared shitless of Pope who is built like a quarterback with a face criss crossed with scars from countless street fights.

Yelling through the bars of his cell Pope continues his tirade ‘Guard guard i refuse to eat this shit, go tell the warden that if he wants to fuck with me come tomorrow when he flicks the switch and sends me to hell i will take him with me and Jenkins you come along for the ride if you want and we will have ourselves on huge human BBQ and invite that asshole Guvnor Hylan to breakfast.’

Standing 6′ 9” Jenkins sighs and walks the thirty yards from the control room to cell 12 and even though the gentle giant is scared he goes on the offensive raking his baton along the steel bars ‘Settle down Pope and eat your dinner because in a little over nine hours you will be nothing but a crispy critter getting what you truly deserve so shut the fuck up and jerk off into the toilet for all i care.’

‘Don’t complain to me this isn’t some swanky hotel, you are on death row for a reason so button your lip and go out with what little dignity you have left.’

Pope stares back at the huge white guard in anger ‘That is easy for you to say Jenkins but i wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth or a gold dildo up my butt so spare me the pep talk so let the warden know that i will see him bright and early tomorrow and when i begin to broil and bubble i will send smoke signals of hate to all the motherfuckers who put me where i am now.’

‘I survived this world for 28 years and after i am electrocuted tomorrow i will become the master of sparks and come back to destroy all who has mistreated me.’

Jenkins adams apple bobs up and down in fright as he listens to the evil fucker talk but he works up the courage to reply’ The only person who has ever mistreated you is yourself, all of your wounds are self inflicted, you committed your heinous crimes nobody else.’

‘Goodbye Pope i hope that you die fast in the morning and i pray for the families of all of the innocent victims you preyed on.’

Pope is a small man standing 5 foot tall and weighing a measly 180 pounds with dark brown skin he is a picture of innocence, if he walked by you you would never suspect that your life could be taken by him in a flash but looks can be deceiving.

He might look like a choirboy but he is anything but.

Pope first came to the attention of the authorities at the age of thirteen when he attempted to rob a convenience store, when the owner of the store fought back only to be attacked by the skinny teenager to an inch of his life.

Pope spent three years in juvenile hall for the bashing and the time spent in jail did nothing to stop the wayward teenager cleaning up his act in fact when he came out Pope was a hardened criminal ready to fight the world and everybody in it.

He was released into his parents custody and Elijah surprised them by going back to school where he knuckled down got good grades behaved himself, he grades for good enough for him to enroll at college when he planned on studying electrical engineering.

But beneath the angelic facade Elijah was still a troubled teenager and when Mary Jane Perkins, the popular girl at school refused his invitation to the prom stating ‘I don’t date anyone below my social status especially a black with no manners or any type of future and really no fucking idea at all of what it takes to impress a girl like me.’

Immediately Elijah’s blood began to boil and a red mist descended clouding his vision’ I am sorry that you feel that way Mary Jane i really am because when people put me down and think they are better than everybody else i tend to strike out and put them back in their place.’

‘Be careful what you say to me Mary Jane because i might just snatch your life away before you know it.’

Mary Jane’s brain tells her that she is in mortal danger and maybe she should get the fuck away from the situation Pope strikes and using both of his hands he begins to squeeze the life from the school girl but suddenly the pressure is released and Elijah whispers in her ear. ‘Don’t say a word Mary Jane because if you do i will return and you want will die a painful slow death you fucking bitch.’

As soon as Elijah walks away Mary Jane slumps to the floor in relief, she knows that she is very lucky to still be alive.

After taking a few deep breaths Mary Jane has a look around to make sure that she is alone then after walking out of the school’s back gate Mary Jane decides to take a short cut along the railway track so she can get home quicker and tell her parents what Elijah Pope did to her.

Lurking just twenty yards away a killer with over twenty victims to his credit follows Mary Jane.

He had been stalking the blond haired beauty for a week waiting for the perfect moment to strike and add another notch to his belt.

The killer saw and heard everything that went down between the blond and the boy named Elijah and in that moment he knew that he had found the perfect patsy to frame for his past murders and the one that he is about to commit.

Mary Jane is thinking about how good it will feel when Elijah Pope is brought to justice, she is so caught up in her thoughts that she doesn’t notice a man sneaking up behind her.

Suddenly a pair of hands completely cover her nose and mouth and despite a desperate struggle Mary Jane is no match for a killer who has had lots of practice taking the lives of girls whenever it takes a fancy and now he has someone to take his place on death row.

Laughing all the way the killer finally locates a pay phone and calls the police telling them that he saw a black boy arguing with a white girl near the basketball courts at the high school ‘I saw them officer and i heard her say the name Elijah, please hurry she might be in danger.’

Hanging up the killer walks away satisfied that he will never be prosecuted for his crimes.

Elijah arrives home still on edge after his encounter with Mary Jane but after eating a large portion of Macaroni and cheese he settles down to watch some baseball on the large screen TV.

When the game finishes he takes a shower before retiring to his room to play a few games on his laptop but five hours later just on midnight he is rudely awakened by two police officers placed in handcuffs and informed that he is under arrest for the murder of Mary Jane Perkins and the suspected murder of twenty other victims in downtown Manhattan.

‘What are you motherfuckers talking about i haven’t killed anybody, when i left school Mary Jane was still alive i swear.

Across the street the killer watches the police car drive away with the kid in the back seat, the parents quickly follow a minute later than the killer after making sure that all of the neighbors have gone back inside their homes walks down the side of the Pope residence and enters through an unlocked window.

Working quickly he plants the clothes and shoes that he wore when he committed his crimes in the boys closet and exits the home and walks away just before a squad car arrives and the house is sealed closed to hold all evidence inside.

A year later at his trial 18 year old Elijah Pope is shitting bricks, he still can’t comprehend why he is being called a serial killer when he hasn’t killed anyone.

His lawyer Paul Drew fresh out of law school is completely out of his depth and Elijah knows that he is in deep trouble because it is obvious that the judge doesn’t like him and the prosecutor a long time trial lawyer named Daniel Hopkins can talk the talk with the best of them and he seems to have the juror’s wrapped around his little finger.

‘Your honor the evidence is overwhelming, first we have the fingerprints of the defendant found on the throat of the last victim Mary Jane Perkins plus the clothing and shoes where the DNA from twelve of the other victims was found present.’

‘Your honor the killer can be no other than Elijah Pope, the prosecution rests its case your honor.’

Elijah can’t contain himself any longer, jumping to his feet he screams out ‘What a load of fucking shit, Mary Jane was alive and well when i left and i wouldn’t be caught dead wearing clothes like those.’

Judge Walter B Carruthers is a crusty old man who has ruled over his domain with an iron fist bangs his gavel furiously ‘Young man this is your first and final warning, sit down and keep your mouth closed or you will be gagged and restrained, do you understand?’

Elijah knowing that his life is on the line sizes up the judge’ I am an innocent man you old fool, the evidence is crap but you refuse to listen so why don’t you take that gavel and shove the pointy end right up your a ‘

A prison guards hand covers Elijah’s mouth muffling his final word but everyone in the courthouse knew what the prisoner was suggesting.

‘Take him back to his cell until the proceedings are over’

Elijah is dragged down to his single cell and an hour later his lawyer arrives and tells the stunned teenager that he should ready himself if the verdict doesn’t go his way’ But i am innocent i tell you, why doesn’t anyone believe me ?’

‘Elijah the evidence is overwhelming the DNA of multiple victims was found on the shoes and clothing found in your home, your fingerprints were found around the throat of Mary Jane Perkins.’

‘I know, i admitted that i did try to choke her but i couldn’t go through with it, Mary Jane was alive and well when i left her, alive i tell you, why can’t you do your fucking job and get me out of here?’

‘Elijah don’t forget that your DNA was also found on the bodies of the victims and it matches the DNA found on the clothes and shoes, i am sorry Elijah but there isn’t really much i can do but if you are found guilty i will appeal so try to stay positive.’

‘Before i go Elijah can you explain how a person who looks a lot like you was captured on CCTV nearby the murder scene of fifteen of the other victims?’

‘Come on Elijah give it up, plead guilty and you will escape the death penalty.’

‘I refuse to plead guilty to something that i didn’t do, i will take my chances thank you very much.’

After his lawyer leaves Elijah lies down on his steel cot to think ‘I am an only child or i should say i thought i was but what if i have a twin brother and he was put up for adoption and has now returned to make his life a living hell? But if that was the case surely my parents would have said something?’

A week later Elijah is found guilty and a year later he to sentenced to die in the electric chair.

At precisely 4.30 on the morning of 21st August 2022 Elijah Pope looking bewildered and lost shuffles out of his cell on death row flanked by six prison guards.

Fully shackled in leg irons Pope is lead down a long corridor to his final destination.

Most of the other prisoners on death row call out their farewells whilst the more subdued inmates remain silent thankful that i get to live for another day.

Entering a small room Pope is strapped to the electric chair by leather cords.

He is aware of the twelve witnesses sitting ten feet away, two of being his parents who he spoke to yesterday and they assured again that there is no twin brother but now as he looks over at his mom and dad they avoid making eye contact instead the middle aged couple hold hands and pray that their son and pray that he doesn’t suffer.

At 4’58 Warden Ian Baldacci a cruel bitter man who at 38 years of age has executed a dozen prisoners looks at the phone on the wall have expecting it to ring but as the seconds tick past it remains silent.

A minute later he asks Pope if he has any last words ‘I surely do Warden, Everybody knows that i am not an angel but i didn’t commit the crimes that i arrested for and let me tell you now Warden Baldacci if you execute me this morning i will come back and kill every last person that put me in prison.’

‘Mark my words when i return the blood the flow and run down the streets and empty into the mouths of my ancestors who will spit it back into the faces of my enemies.’

The twelve witnesses are visibly shaken by the outburst and cower back in fright.

Even the warden is disturbed by Popes words and when the clock ticks over to 5 am he gladly flicks the switch sending the evil fucker down to hell where he belongs.

Instantly Pope is slammed back and a few whiffs of smoke escape from his mouth and nostrils and his skin begins to blister and blacken.

Convulsing violently the electrical charge travels through his body reaching bone causing the marrow to boil.

The leather restraints bite deep into Pope’s wrists and when the skin and surrounding tissue melts the restraints cut all the way through causing both of his hands to cauterize and fall to the floor of the execution room.

Thankfully the curtains on the window of the witness area had already been drawn so Popes parents never saw the dismembered hands hit the ground or their son take his final breath.

At 6.07 am Elijah Pope is pronounced dead by the prison doctor Marcus Clark who despite seeing many dead persons he is shocked at the state of Pope’s body and of the two severed appendages still twitching on the floor near his feet.

After the smoke and the smell of death dissipates Popes body is unstrapped from the chair and the remains are carefully placed into a body bag by two prison orderlies, the younger of the two has the ghastly task of picking up the severed hands before gingerly placing them on the chest of their owner.

An hour later the two orderlies return to the execution room after dining on a huge breakfast of bacon, eggs and overcooked sticky pork ribs.

They put the body bag into a cheap pine coffin sitting on a gurney, the pair wheel the burnt remains outside to a waiting van.

The van is driven 500 yards down to the cool dank southern corner of the prison.

A deep hole was dug two days prior to the execution and now with little ceremony the coffin is lowered into the dirt and whilst a Chaplin says a few words over the deceased grave the Warden Baldacci walks back and forth over the freshly filled hole ‘You are where you belong Pope, now my your black heart and soul quickly find hell and stay there for eternity.’

Three months later under the cover of darkness a single human finger pokes through the surface of an unmarked grave located at the southern corner of San Quentin prison.

Two pristine hands suddenly emerge and scurry over to the prison wall and climb the ten yards to the top where they slip through the razor wire then drop down onto the grass on the other side of the wall.

The hands hide in the grass waiting for some sort of transportation to take them on the first step of their journey where they will travel the long bloody road seeking vengeance.


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